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The Apparition

Just a little something created in photoshop. I love it, but a lot of people hate my fonts.... so just ignore that for now Embarassed Comments and suggestions are appreciated.

Lovelly! What a beautiful piece of work! And I include the font. Where did you get the font from? Did you make it yourself?
The font is called white mouse, and I actually have no idea where I got it from, it could have been included in one of the many programs I have that come with fonts. But you can always search google, etc. Thanx for the comment though, I really appreciate it.
I dont like the font.......well the size and the position........but the picture is great
pretty nice, although it is all one color which makes it not as good as it could be.
great work man, I dig the monotone color scheme, adds more emotion to it. The font is nice too, just move it up a bit so the bottom of the p's arent cut off.
Olivia Wood
I don't mind the font so much as where you placed it - it really bothers me that the ends of the 'p's get cut off the picture. You couldn't have moved it just a teeny bit higher? Or maybe shrunk it a bit if it covers too much of the picture?

Because it's gorgeous, other than that - and I can't stop staring at the 'p's. Confused
Wow, that's lovely. Did you use photoshop?

And I like the font, by the way! I think I'll search for it. I have an idea for a wallpaper, and that font would be almost perfect for it. Smile
Thank you for all the wonderful comments! Very Happy And usually I'm a perfectionist so I can't believe I cut off the p's!! I will fix that. And yes, made with photoshop CS2. Thanks so much everyone.
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