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Someone here like charmed? I do it's best show ever in my life
the best show is a little much but i like it.
I watched it till Shannen Doherty was there. I don't anymore, its gotten repetitive.
I like it two.

I realylike tese movies where are magics but i also like action movies two
In Charmed i didn't like When Prue died....I thought it was the end of the hole
movie....but it wasn'tSmile Anything else was realy good
Hi all

Charmed is one of my all time favorite shows I have never missed an episode. I have purchased season 1-5 and watch them over and over again.
I have had the privelage to watch season 6-8 and believe that it just keeps getting better.

Charmed addict
I really like Charmed, its a pretty creative series, that's what my first thoughts are when i saw them the first time. Good thing I listen to my senses to watch out for the first ep, when it was being introduced in the local channels. But ever since Cole were out of the picture (he's my favourite character there, I like his and Phobe's pairing) , I rarely watch the series anymore. But its still ok with Paige there, too bad im missing the last seasons.

Just to let you know cole comes in and out all of the time right through to season 8

So don't stop watching

Where is CHARMED?
I haven't seen any new episodes!!!

It was shown on the WB the last time I watched it, but I never seen any announcements for new episodes anymore.
That was such a good show, too...
I LOVE charmed. I try to catch it everyday, but I'm just too busy Sad
Charmed is an awesome shop. But i like the older eppisodes better then these newer ones.
IMHO it is a truly horrible program.
i actually really like it Smile i don't actively find out what time it's on, or record it if i'm not there. . but i will watch it if it happens to come on tv.

yay the power of three!
I LOVE Charmed! I'm a huge Holly fan and I love everything she's on!
But I have to admit that Charmed isn't what it used to be anymore...
I think it was great until the 5th season, then it started to fall apart. The stories aren't so good, they're running out of creativity...
It's a real shame though...
But, anyhow, I can't stop watching it! Laughing
Its a good show...
Great show... but it's ending soon. Just watch it on StarWorld, 8.11 - MR. & MRS. WITCH
All greetings! It is one of most our favourite serials with the daughter!
Sisters Hallivel - simply remarkable!We wait for continuation of a serial with impatience!
I've been watching this eversince the show started. I never get tired of watching it. Smile More power to Charmed. Smile
it's one of my favorite shows, but when julian McMahon (Cole) left, i stopped watching, but i have never missed an episode of season 1-5
My favorite charmed is Phoebe (Alyssa milano), she is pretty good and the couple cole/pheebs is the best Smile
I use to watch charmed like every wekk but now I think that they're just trying to prolong the enevitable. They've added a hole rang of new characters and did the whole identity change thing. I just think its stupid, they should've stopped the show a long time ago, exited teh world of television with grace.
I used to like Charmed very much, but now the last season its getting more and more booring.

I was glad when 8th season went on air, but when I saw they had nothing more to write about, I wished they had stopped while they still were on top!

There's no Wow-experience anymore. Just some deamon-exploding and some family-relation-issues. It has become more drama than action...
thecharmedattic wrote:
Someone here like charmed? I do it's best show ever in my life

I thought it had a really cheesy ending and the actors really didn't do a good job... The animation also sucked... (We are talking about the disney version right?)
charmed sucks
Heh, I am also a fan. Just love watching those girls kick demon butt. Mind you, it never seemed the same once Prue left...

Also thought that it was an interesting portrayal of living life vs. responsibilities/commitments, and balancing the two.
Hi guys,

Charmed always was my favorite show.
I had admited the original Power of 3 (Phoebe, Piper and Prue) was the best ever, but Shannen left the show...
I will miss them very much, since this is the last season.
Good Bye Charmed girls, We will miss their charm.
According to the Data put on my Transmogrifier, Charmed is the worst attempt (exception of Harry Potter) to make magic using real people. It will never work. Creating Magic and Sorcery and Powers shooting out of their hands should be kept to Anime and Cartoons. Witches Goblins and Warlocks shouldn't be acted upon by real living actors. At least try something like DBZ. The Charmed Cast girls might be hot, but if you want hot then go look up Charlies Angels. If ur the kind of person that just does this kind of stuff to look at the girls, you have serious issues, and if u watch this cause of the cool effects... then look up Matrix, itll rock your world inside-out. Peace In- and Out! Very Happy Twisted Evil
I admit, the show is getting very dull. I tried to tune in lately and I just don't understand what's happening anymore. After Wyatt, as an adult, returned to the past to kill everyone... I just got confused and stopped watching. But that guy, the one who plays Chris, well, he's very attractive!!!
I LOVE Charmed it is the best show.I am so upset they are ending it this season. Who will watch the series finale on sunday? I am going to tape it.
I like Charmed. My favorite season was the first. But I didn't stop watching it.

All in all I believe it's a good show.
My sister watches it every day 5-7 on TNT.

I hate it. It does get very repetitive. "OHMIGOD I LIKE TOTALLY ALMOST GOT BLOWN UP!" *shows boobs* "LIKE, WE NEED TO VANQUISH THIS DEAMON."

I think I just summarized every episode.

But some of them are much as it annoys me, I do enjoy watching it occasionaly.
CrookedBlaze wrote:

I hate it. It does get very repetitive. "OHMIGOD I LIKE TOTALLY ALMOST GOT BLOWN UP!" *shows boobs* "LIKE, WE NEED TO VANQUISH THIS DEAMON."

They never say it like that. Mad
Well, thats the gist of it. Sometimes I think Alyysa Milano and Rose need to put some more cloths on x.x
CrookedBlaze wrote:
Well, thats the gist of it. Sometimes I think Alyysa Milano and Rose need to put some more cloths on x.x

I can honestly say that I have never, ever, even once thought that. Laughing
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