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Cabbie killed in street racing incident

Two teens facing criminal charges after a taxi driver died in an alleged street race between luxury cars could see a video game seized at the crash become evidence in the case, police said Thursday.

The game [Need for Speed] , which allows players to race high-octane luxury cars through busy urban areas at high speeds, was found on the front seat of a Mercedes Benz that crashed into the taxi on Tuesday night, killing 46-year-old Tahir Khan.
Tahir was to be sworn in as a Canadian citizen on Friday.

It's alleged schoolmates Alexander Ryazanov and Wang-Piao Ross, both 18, were racing Mercedes Benzes through one of the city's wealthiest neighbourhoods when one of the luxury cars struck Khan's taxi.

The impact of the crash folded the cab around a utility pole. Steam was still pouring off the wreckage as police sifted through the twisted metal.

Two teens accused in an alleged street-racing incident that killed Toronto cabbie Tahir Khan were each freed on $50,000 bail paid by their parents yesterday.

The parents of Alexander Ryazanov and Dumani Ross hugged their sons shortly before 7 p.m. in the hallway of the College Park courthouse.

Ryazanov's parents -- Sergey, an importer-exporter, and Larissa, a medical doctor in Ukraine -- and Ross's parents -- Anthony Ross, a Toronto lawyer and engineer, and his wife, JoAnne Wang -- waited three hours for the paperwork that would free their sons.

Justice of the Peace John Cottrell released both teens on $50,000 bail under strict conditions, including a driving prohibition until they are tried, likely in 12-18 months, for alleged dangerous driving and criminal negligence in the Jan. 24 death of Khan.

"It's tragic, it's horrible what happened. Now I am going to be worried about him staying in jail with criminals"
-An relative of one of the accused (January 2006)

"It could have been any of us in the same situation, Sometimes we get out of hand. We have fun. You know, a lot of us are just getting our new licenses now"
-Saron Ghebressellassie, friend of the accused (January 2006)

I think this has been repeated far too many times.
And from the past experience, I can say that these rich kids never come to harm, even for having killed somebody.

What I found more disturbing was the callousness of the comments I have been reading.

This will also add fuel to the old debate surrounding the effect of such video games on kids.
Personally I think its just an escuse to get out of things like murder and car crashs. Kid err... say did I do this of my own choice or did an evil computer game suck my mind out and tell me to shoot 4 people? Well answers right there, you choose too pick up the gun, you choose too pull the trigger. Tough luck buddy you did it so stop using this bull shit of an escuse to get your ass out of trouble.
Also these types of suits to shut down game producers dont work very good, after that whole thing with GTA San Andreas the company actually got more sales then before! Keep in mind that these suits are ran by people who have never played these games themselfs, or any counsil based game most likely in their entire life.
Also in quick comment to the hot coffe mod, they attacked GTA for this, now keep in mind that you cant actually access the content without this patch, if you just loaded the game you could not access it by playing the game! you need this third party patch.
Well thats my opinion on that, sorry if I came on a little hard but it sickens me when people try to pull this bull shit of an escuse.
Also I was wondering why is a s s blocked on frihost??
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