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Solve my Dilemma

I have a board that contain copyrighted materials and links and porn material also.When i posted its link at many places i had to see that nobody allowed me to do so.But there are many other forums that are running around without any problem isnt they supposed to be banned or cant any legal action be taken against such boards.
Also if anybody could tell me isnt these boards doing copyright infringements.And also tell me what kind of material can i post if i get my forum hosted by you.
They probably haven't found out about those sites cause they probably use safe urls. And if your site is hosted here you can't host any copyrighted material, are you nuts? Read the TOS.
Terms Of Service

Frihost is a free hosting service. We reserve the right to cancel any account for any reason or no reason at all. We provide web hosting to every user that abides to these Terms Of Service. Frihost reserves the right to change these Terms Of Service at any time. Every user is always responsible for all actions conducted throughout his account.
A) The following is strictly forbidden on our servers

1. Any type of IRC.
2. Pornography, racism, violence and other offensive content, images or movies or the promotion of these.
3. Copyrighted material without the permission of the owner. (content, images, music, software, ...)
4. Hosting, linking and content related to warez, mp3's and all other illegal files.
5. vBulletin, IPB and other paid forums/software.
6. Sending unsolicited email messages otherwise known as SPAM.
7. Content related to hacking, torrents, peer to peer, cracking and serial numbers.
8. Spamming our forum or any other abuse towards this website.
9. Starting your own (free) webhost or image host on our servers.
10. Any other action related to illegal activities.

Any kind of the practices mentioned above, will result in an immediate cancellation of your account and/or legal actions towards you.
B) Rules and restrictions

1. MP3 and other music files are forbidden on our servers. No exceptions will be made.
2. We are neither an image host, file storage or downloads website. Uploading of big files is forbidden. All accounts with high traffic and/or high occupation of space will be checked.
3. Frihost will not be liable for any of its services. We reserve ourselves the right to cancel our service at any time, and we will not be liable for any files that are lost and/or corrupted which may occur from a system crash, hard disk failure, account removal or any other possible reason. To the full extent permissible under the applicable law, Frihost shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages resulting from the use or inability to use Frihost services.
However, we are trying to be the most reliable and stable free host on the internet. A system crash or hard disk failure will be very unlikely. You should prevent any possible data loss by making a backup of all important data on our servers.
4. A minimum of 5 posts is required before requesting hosting on our servers.
5. To maintain your hosting, you need to keep active on our forums. All inactive users will be deleted with or without notice, depending on your reputation/number of posts. One of our means to check your activity is your number of 'Points'. The method of calculation of these points is reserved to change at any time. However, to keep your hosting account, you should never let those points become negative.
6. The use of regular banner blockers (not pop-up blockers) is forbidden while 'being active' on our forums. Simply deactivate them while browsing our website.
7. To remove your hosting and/or forum account, you should post a request in the appropriate forum.
8. For a small violation of the rules mentioned above or for any other possible (small) reason we do no longer wish to host some specific website(s), we will give you a decent period of time to find an alternative host for the website(s) in question, before deleting the files/websites in question.
9. Please note that Frihost is not a charity. Bandwidth and space are expensive. Do not misuse them. If you installed some software that you no longer use, delete it. Do not make unnecessary back-ups, generating extra traffic. Use a decent image host to host images you want to use in forums instead of using Frihost for these kind of things.

This is more of a webhosting support question.
he dont read it...
It is possible to post copyrighted stuff if you own it or have permission from the copyright holder....
Ok tell me what are safe links??
8.70 FRIH$
What does this means???
CatBox wrote:
It is possible to post copyrighted stuff if you own it or have permission from the copyright holder....

Yes, and if you read the entire Terms of Service, you would've saw that written.

kshitij_mehta wrote:
8.70 FRIH$
What does this means???

That's the amount of FRIH money you have. It's not actual money; you make it when you post, and you can use it in the Marketplace (an actual forum section) to buy the stuff that others make, like sigs, banners, etc.
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