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Question: Is it possible...?

Olivia Wood
So I have this idea for a website design, except it involves using rollover images in a way I'm almost sure won't work, and I'm not sure how to get around that, short of making the whole thing in Flash.

Basically I want to have a button that, when you roll your mouse over it, not only changes color, but also causes some other things in its viscinity to change color. The easiest way I can think of to do this would be to make a larger image with a transparent background to use as a rollover - except that would mean the user would have to roll his mouse way over outside the area of the transparant image in order to have the button revert, which is just stupid, obviously. I thought I might try some things with hotspots to see it I can make it work like I want, but I have a feeling it won't, so I'm asking here instead.

What can I do? Confused
What can I do?

get flash Smile
but only make the buttons in flash ....
i don't see another possibility.
well i think you can assign each button a number...
then you can render all the variations of buttons (lets say a b and c)
normal state is c
highlight state is a
semi highlight is b
so when button number 6 uses image a +/- 1 button use image b

(of course you could also make it like)
+/- 0 > image a
+/- 1 > image b
+/- 2 > image c
+/- 3 > image d
+/- 4 > image e
no highlight > image f
(on any number of levels that you would want Razz)

im not good enough in java to just code it for you, but im pretty sure it can be done pretty easly if you know java script just a lil bit better then i do Razz (i think i know it good enough to know its possible but would need a while for coding)
It is certainly possible with javascript.
Stubru Freak
Do something like onmouseover="highlightbutton(1 or 2 or 3)"
function highlightbutton(number){


And so on. Wouldn't this work?
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