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looking for a help

hi there,

i have got cyber cafe and i have few computers all got norton anti virus installed but still when my customer browse porne sites viruses getting installed all the times and then always i have problem and i have to reinstall everything.

anybody can help me here to be safe always.
ban those porn sites, there's a software around that can do that.

arrange your computers so that other ppl can see what they are doing and thus they are less likely to surf porn.

use only opera and switch on the "block unwanted popups".
First of all: DISABLE SCRIPTS!!!! Make some pages exceptions, like popular email sites and search egines. Then think about installing adware / spyware removers and antivirus software (if you hasn't yet done so). And yes, ban those porn sites!
Use Firefox, get a web filter, ban porn sites, etc. etc.
Some porn sites require you to download applications to your system which contain spyware/adware in them. The user has to download and install these softwares to be able to browse through the site. Antivirus applications help your system in protecting it against virus infections. They can detect and remove some spyware/adware infections too at the same time but they are designed for protecting the system against viruses in general. So along with a good antivirus, you should also install an adware remover like Ad-ware personal SE and a spyware remover like seek and destroy or spyware doctor
There is a very effective program called Websence. I am not too sure if you have to pay or can get a trial version, but it is the most effective program around. Adding pages to block is very simple as well as the fact that you can block a certan catigory of pages as well not just individually.
firstly, get firefox and intall the noscript extension. then allow only trusted sites.

secondly get a good aware/spyware blocking proggy and also a good firewall. and use some porn blocking program like netnanny, cyberwatch, etc
You'll have to watch out some NetNanny-like programs, sometimes you can have unstability in the IExplorer.
The solution is simple, stop going to porn sites. 90% of porn sites are making money through membership, and then by spywares.
And there are a lot of bugs of IE AND FIREFOX that can be exploited to install automatically without any notice of that.

Just watch out, there are many bugs around.
Good Luck
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