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Max. OC for an Geforce MX 4000

I have a passive cooled Geforce MX 4000 and I want to overclock it.
I know how to overclock, but I just want to know how far I should be
able to go. I DIY'ed a processor cooler on the cool element.

Does anyone of you out there knows the max. OC?
I'm to lazy to find it out myself... :)

Old clocks:
GPU Core: 250 Mhz
Memory Core: 300 Mhz

I managed an overclock of about 40% on both the GPU and Memory core,
but I began to see artifacts after a while, so I clocked it down again to a
30% overclock. I probably can go higher then 30%, but I figured it doesn't matter much...

New clocks:
GPU Core: 325 Mhz
Memory Core: 390 Mhz
Don't know how far but you can do this.

Start at 2x and keep going up untill you have it where you want it. If it works fine and nothing fails you should be fine. Don't jump strait to the greatest multiplication, go gradually.
good advice.... work it up slowly... its a lot easier on the card and it pays to "burn it in" slowly when your upping the juice to it.

As far as how far you can go, no-one can really answer that... you can take two identical units, and they won't neccesarily overclock up to the same speeds and still be stable. overclocking is more of an art form than a science.
Hi. I have a Geforce MX 440 which is similar to the MX 4000. The default core of the card is 250 just like yours. I am running it at currently 350 MHz with stability and without any artifacts. The default memory clock of the card is 405 MHz. I have raised it to 580 MHz. At default speeds I was getting a score of 4750 in 3dmark2001 SE where as now I am getting a score of 6500. You should be able to squeeze out a bit more performance from your card..
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