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Desi techies answer to Google

SILICON VALLEY: Two Indian computer wizards who studied along with Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford University are now launching a start-up to compete with the world's best known search engine.

Anand Rajaraman and Venky Harinarayan are betting that 'Kosmix' with its deep search technology can challenge Google by gleaning more about the overall content of webpages searched instead of their popularity.

Google basically searches pages based on a sort of popularity contest and not necessarily its content but Kosmix' creators says they took a different approach and developed a new kind of 'categorisation' technology.

The two Indians, who were among the co-founders of web database company 'Junglee', hope their deep search technology can improve upon Google's one-size-fits-all approach.

Kosmix asks users to define a category for a search. If a search term is related to health, users can make a query in a health-related search box. That way, it can find webpages closely associated in meaning with the search term.

It then looks at what webpages linking to other pages say - to take a bigger stab at judging the page's subject.

If a webpage is saying something similar to the page it links to, you can get enough information to categorise it by topic, says Harinarayan.

The company, set up last year, will officially launch at the DEMO conference for start-ups in Phoenix next week.

Kosmix has already started testing a health search on its website. Over the next year, the company will release numerous categories of search - from health to travel, politics and finance. It plans to unveil a general search box within a year.
Devil wrote:

That categorization thing is sort of like what DMOZ does. And DMOZ is pretty much Google. I doubt that anybody new can outdo Google now. I haven't even heard of Kosmix until now. What are the odds that anyone will see them anywhere else?
There are many search engines that claim to have better search technology, perhaps they are good but google is the top of mind when talking about search engines so there you have two things difficult to defeat:
*a good search engine
*a strong and well reputed brand.

Google is both of that.
Let them prove it.
kosmix wrote:
Kosmix is not a general search engine! We currently search
the web for health, travel, and US politics (for now).

That is why google is better.
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