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Video Projects? They are not fair.

At my school, spanish teachers assign video projects. I don't think the assignment is fair because "we", are not actors or great film editors. The worst part of the project is that we have to put effort in it. Over the past 2 days I spent 10 hours making a 10 minute movie, which is worth as much as a test. 10 hours!!! For a test, I would study for an hour of two, but wasting ten hours on a movie is a waste of time.

Do you think movie projects are worth that much effort?
Our spanish teacher assigns us videos, but I just enjoy doing them. She has low expectations on acting quality, props, etc. She is more interested in creativity and originality.

I use a program on my dad's computer called "Pinnacle" to edit my films, works well.

Altogether a good movie may take me 4 hours, less if the other people stay and help me edit.

Talk to your teacher about it.

Our most recent video was a commercial for an imaginary product. We had English in a Can (Ingles en una Lata) and our commercial featured immigrants and the Mexican border, she thought it was funny. I added a little disclaimer-type thing at the end saying we weren't racist/prejudice or anything like that.
You are lucky, our projects have a lot of requirements.

List of requirements from the last project:
Chores and errands.
Irregular preterites
Tu commands
Direct Object Pronouns

Grammer - 20 points
Originality - 10 Points
Creativity - 10 points
On time - 5 points

Creativity and originality adds up to 20 points, that is almost half of the total grade and it is based on how good we make a script and edit a video. Also, I just started taking spanish class, so some of the requirements may seem easy to you, but not for me.
my teacher doesnt like us to do videos cause she is all like we have redo that speaking parts. we usually do stuff like food or country based topics. she wants us to present in front of the class. my one friend has another spanish teacher that always assigns videos instead. he just gets his friends together, friends from other classes even french and they mess around with the video. its always so random and funny to watch. and 10 hours is ridicolous. you should spend maybe an hour or two taping if you have a plan set up. then edit it with windows movie editor or a fancier editor (if you have a Mac that'd be the way to go if you can...)
I wish I had a Mac, but I don't think I will get one any time soon. As for having a plan, it doesn't always work especially because we have to write a script.
Embrace these chalenges jongoldsz. They will only prepare you for future chalenges that will wast lots of your time. Your advantage now is that if you fail you will only loss a grade. In the future if you fail you may have to collect unemployment or explain why your system just killed thirty people.

I once spent the beter part of the day for over a year redesigning a hydrogen nitrogen mixing system for a factory. I client then decided they were more comfortable with the original system (it was to small) and we shelved the darn thing. That system has never been built but now, I can design the crap out of a piping system. You should see the water sulply line I designed and impemented two years ago.
Yknow, the whole situation is so much better with a friend that has access to lightning-fast Macs loaded with professional film-editing programs as well as high-quality lighting and filming equipment that he's been making movies with since he was in grade 4. Get yourself one of those and you can't lose! Razz Razz Razz
I agree! My video skills are weak. If I had a video project I would fail. I will not embrase anything that I and can not have to do. Congradulations for all the video masterminds out there
I can't believe you actually have a problem with doing a video for a class. Use your imagination, be creative, be funny. The video shouldn't be a bain, it should be a really freaking fun assignment that you can just go crazy with. If you get taxed at things like that, then you're probably overthinking it, which means you probably overthink a lot of things in life, which will bring you a ton of stress. Be more laid back... roll with it... and all that quippy stuff. At the h.s. level (this IS at h.s. level, right? (i forgot)), your teacher isn't expecting you to be a video pro. Hell, you could probably even do in camera editing (as in, just stopping tape, and starting back up, and not do any post production on it). I'm just saying... relax.
Jat Goodwin
i love to make videos, i even spent hundreds of $$$ on equipent to make them,. i mostly make vids of things like halo2, where we use the people in the game as actors over xbox live or such, use mods for specal efects and anything left that needs to be put in i use a program called vegas 6, which is around 600$. but not for me. i figured out how to edit the trial so the 30 days doesnt run out... i have 9578 days left on the trial. Twisted Evil
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