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DirectAdmin login Problem

Loathing in Fear
I can't log in to my re-created DirectAdmin account... bondings gave me the Username and Password, i tried to login, but it would't...
when i push on the "login" button, it just refreshes the page...
i don't get an error like: "Wrong Password"or something like that...
I tried to login through 2 different PC's... but that also wont do the trick...
I also tried to use the I.P., my subomain/config,, etc...etc... but nothing works...
Does anybody know whats the problem...? 'couse i really need to set up my site again...
I can't log in to ftp or direct admin either. Smile

EDIT: Nevermind, I didn't notice the PM I got.
I also cant login to the direct admin. But I do get a message that says, "Invalid login. Please verify your Username and Password". The pm that I got didnt have a password in it so I tried the one that I had before the crash. That didnt work. So I tried the password that I got when my account was fist created. nada.... oh well, I can wait if its just a bug or something. And thanks for the time spent getting our accounts back.
Check your email, not the PM
ok well Now I feel stupid. What happened was Gmail clumped the new email with the first one that I got, do to the same sender, and subject. Thanks for pointing out my own stupidity.
i know your problem is fixed, but for others:

some proxy servers will try and stop logging in to directadmin on port 2222, and when you click login it will appear to only refresh the page. to fix this, use Mozilla Firefox, and click tools, options, then on the general tab click connection settings. select manual proxy configuration, and on the No proxy for tab, enter (yoursite) then restart firefox and voilah! your directadmin should work!

(obviously if you installed firefox just to do this you will probably want to import your proxy settings from internet explorer. it prompts you to do this upon first run.)

i did this at school and it let me through... and they hav a pretty good proxy server!
Loathing in Fear
@ CrisCh
I could login this morning... But then i wanted to change my Password, DirectAdmin logged me out again, and now it doesn't work anymore... I tried the thing you said, but it still doesn't work...
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