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Help! Installation Problem.

I've recently bought Battlefield 2 Special Forces, But thats not the problem. The problem is that A few months ago I've bought Battlefield 2 and uninstalled it a few weeks later because i got bored of it. I tried reinstalling Battlefield 2 but it always keep freezing at 20%. One solution is to reinstall windows but with all my files it would take too long to back up and thats my last option. But I do remember once reding about this program that allowed users to install a program without installing the files. What I mean is that the program allows users to insert the disk and play without installing anything. Does anyone know the name of the program and where I can purchase it?
For what it's worth, if you're having that sort of issue, system restore is usually helpful. Also, try going to start-->Run and run "regedit" minus the quotes. Go to HKEY_LOCALMachine and delete any registry keys having to do with battlefield. If neither of these work, Windows is apparently messed up in some way, so you might as well reinstall it. It is a good idea to buy a 10-20GB hard drive and a copy of Norton Ghost, do a clean windows install to the new drive and install all essential applications. Then if you need to start fresh, all you have to do is run ghost and copy from the clean install to your main hdd(after you format the main one, of course).

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in addition to cleaning out all the entries from the last install from your registry, you might also consider trying to install it in safe mode.

There could be a problem with some locked files..ones being used by another program running on your system while you are trying to install.

Running the install in safe mode should take care of that problem.

Additionally, try washing your cd with a tiny bit of dish detergent and a lot of cool running water (dry carefully with an old soft 100% cotton T-shirt).

Sometimes a smudge of skin oils can cause probs.

Also perform a disk cleanup, and make sure you check the box to remove old temp files.
Make sure you have enough space too. Rolling Eyes
Maybe there is something wrong with the installation CD? Why not you copy the files from the CD to a temporary folder on your hard drive and try installing it from there... Who knows, it might work.
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