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Hey guys....I was just thinking do you guys have only 2 server? and also whats the first server for? and whats the second server for? Because I signed up for an account but I've been waiting for it alittle while now but I'd dont really mid much about that since I'm not really in a hurry to getting my account. Anyways can someone explain what the 2 servers are for?

Take your time FRIHOST staff, not in hurry ... Smile

Thank you...
Loathing in Fear
Server 1 and 2 are both for the hosting, server 1 is too full..., so all the new requests come on server 2

The difference:
Server 1 has cPanel as Control Panel,
Server 2 has got DirectAdmin as contol panel.
and I think that server 1 (which is is already full. so they had to use another server for new applicants for the hosting which is server 2 (which is
Loathing in Fear
That is what i said... (just without the subdomain thing)
I said that server 1 is too full, so the new requests had to go to server 2
OH ok thanks guys for the information. Whats the difference between cPanel and DirectAdmin and which one is better?
It all depends I like Cpanel better but some people like Direct Admin better because it is easier to use and less buttons. But I like Cpanel because I'm used to it, it all depends on what you are used to and how you use your webhosting. The difference really is just different features but they all do the same thing and Direct Admin I think you can upload throught logged into Direct Admin.
XxGunner wrote:
OH ok thanks guys for the information. Whats the difference between cPanel and DirectAdmin and which one is better?

Doesnt matter to me which, so as long as it served it purpose. But I am more used to CPanel than DirectAdmin for sure. That still doesn't mean either one is better. It'll be your preference. It almost like driving a car. What make and model you like is your preference.
Loathing in Fear
Bondigs said:
DirectAdmin is a lot better, it has less bugs, and it is cheaper Wink

And thats my opinion too:D
but cPanel has got some better features like: fantastico...
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