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max payne

hey i want to know your opinion in this game
Max Payne

i want to download it

and which ver is better one or two
I think this is a great game. LOL. You could do alot of things in this game and if i were to download any of the 2 versions i'd download Max Payne Version 1 since i think that one is better then the second. Well thats my opinion.

You should of added a poll would of been easier... Razz
Max Payne is the most unique action game I have ever played! It features a slow motion (bullet time) action gameplay almost the same with the effect used with the movie matrix wherein you can dodge bullets and make some critical decisions during gunfights. The storyline is also well-written which will keep you glued to your seat and keep on guessing what would happen next.

Definitely a must-have game for all action based gamers out there!

By the way, I like the second one than the first one, but be warned, the second one is too short and makes you craving for more... but nonetheless, Short but sweet! Smile Cool
They're both fine games, I personally preferred the first. Max Payne was very influential, just look at FEAR to get an idea of how influential.

I find it to be a fun distraction, but it gets kinda boring after extended play. In particular, the final act of the game is just plain boring right up until the final gun battle, which is quite cool.
thanks men i have thought that it is the most interesting action game

i have played the two ver. but i think the 2 is the most excited
Yes, i agree with you, 2 is more exiting then one. Especially because the graphics are better and that you can do more moves in the second one. lol, i like both games though, they were one of my best series out there.
thanks men for that

i have played the 2 with cheats and it is more exciting with it
Max Payne is probably the most powerful and deep action games i've ever played. It really gets you an idea of what it's like to be at rock bottom, and to face people who don't have that idea. I, myself, have been to that place called 'rock bottom', and I think they pull it off perfectly in Max Payne.

I think Max Payne 2 was much more enjoyable, but you cannot play it without playing Max Payne 1, since the storyline just needs to be known. I played Max Payne 2 (got it cheap for Xbox) before number 1 and highly regretted it (playing before the original) after playing Max Payne 1.

Also, make sure you play Max Payne 2 on PC if you have a good computer; Because the graphics on PC is oh so much better quality.

I thought about buying this used at my local game shop. It was only like seven dollars. I think after reading this topic, I will go pick it up.
Max payne is one of my favourite games of all time. Play both, but 1 first.

And I'd advise not playing with cheats. The games much more fun without them.
it's a good game Smile i liked the 1st more it's much more fun but kinda old..

the 2nd is ok to btw if your friend dont' die when you meet him and he help you he will help you in more lvls thought he allways run like noob :p
any good gamer shuld play this game :p thought bouth are old..
^It's been awhile since I played the game, but are you talking about the two people you meet in Max's apartment building?

And if so, where else do you see them?
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