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I really want to get a laptop, but I don't have a very high budget. What's the cheapest decent one I can get, and how much would I need to spend?
Depends what you want to use it for. MSOffice will run on a second hand just as well as on a new one. Unless you want the latest version of course.
Look for deals for DELL laptops. Usually you can find something less than USD $700. Sometimes you can find 50%-off coupon.

If you really want to buy sometime good and not that expensive, try IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad. There are low end series, the R series and Z series. You can get a Thinkpad for around $700!!!
Jedi Master
Well what kind do you want? I mean like how much RAM, how big of an HDD, stuff like that.
Just make sure to ask yourself: are you going to be traveling alot? If so, then go ahead and buy a laptop; I reccomend a ThinkPad. If you wont be needing your computer on the road then get a desktop..Desktops are cheaper and you will get more performance from them. And if you truley need a laptop then it should be LIGHT, around 3 pounds. Again, check out the ThinkPads, they are rugged and light.
Personally I am not a big fan of Dell... But.... if you are looking for low budget i would suggest them. When i say low budget i mean under $1000.
Talk2Tom11 wrote:
Personally I am not a big fan of Dell... But.... if you are looking for low budget i would suggest them. When i say low budget i mean under $1000.

in the uk there so expensive for ahlf decent laptop ur lookin at around 1000 thats nearly $1600 USD somin like that...

i saw a dell advertised and apart from the hardrive space... its was really good...

1.6ghz, 512mb ram, 128mb graphics. dvdrw etc but only a 40gb hd..

all for a low 399 about $600 - $700
i used to think that hd space was that important in terms of getting a laptop...but now i've decided that sacrificing for a little less space when first purchasing can be used towards a larger external drive which will serve the same purpose. seeing as i am going to be getting a laptop for graduation i need to look a lot for the right laptop. i would like to get dual core laptop and im hoping that by around april/may they will be very common in all brands. right now i've seen 2 total 1 hp and 1 dell. i would like to stay away from the "fashion" companies, alienware etc. as much as possible. does anyone know what other companies offer dual core laptops?
128 Mb Grapichs doesn't say anything.
It could be an Radeon 9600 SE
which sucks...

The main question is what do you want to do with your laptop, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Gaming, Adobe?
for PC's its cheaper to build your own buying parts from .com stores or even warehouses.
is this true for laptops? i mean the case itself looks like its quite a built, but i would like one, was wondering if building it would allow me to have a better one at a cheaper price, or if that's just asking for trouble?
have you considered an iBook. base model is under $1000

i have a pbook which i love
i also have a dell inspiron 9000 which i am happy with also
i have heard many good things about thinkpads
I have an Hp Pavilon dv4000 series Centrino
It is the best computer I have.
Wide Screen
It is very silent.
If you are going to use your computer at home, buy a laptop, a desktop
is very bad in all cases.
I can work in the sofa, in the garden, in the bed.
It is fantastic.
I think that work in a chair is the worst mistake you can do.
If you use a laptop, your are free.
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