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Shout Boxes, NO MySQL PLEASE

Zach Ownz
is there an easy to use shout box that doesnt need MySQL? please help, im trying to use it for my clan site...
I cant seem to find a working script out there which you can just download and upload. There are however sevral tutorials out there explaining and providing code how to create one yourself.
you can use this:

just put a code in your website.
Zach Ownz
boringest wrote:
you can use this:

just put a code in your website.

yes, but that one costs money, or some add thing or something.

i might TRY to do a tutorial one... Shocked but im noob, and i know ill mess up...

if someone else would make one, and tell me how to put it into my site, i would pay some Frih$
your site's at freewebs? i don't think that you can use those kind of stuff there. they don't offer any scripts (except for Javascript) there.

If I were you, I'd maka a shoutmix shoutbox. You just add the code on your site. <--- that's the site's URL. make an account and use it.
Zach Ownz wrote:
is there an easy to use shout box that doesnt need MySQL? please help, im trying to use it for my clan site...

I have made my own shoutbox. You can download it in Also newest version is on my sidebar, but it is not always stable. I only let stable version to download. I will soon finish version 1.2 and Admin Tool version 1.0. Versions 1.0 and 1.1 have no admin tool.
Why don't you want to use MySQL ? If it is because you don't know it, then I guess you'd better learn it seriously, even if you lose some time to learn it.
Check there you will find one i promisse you !
IMHO, It's really easy:

Have a flat text file "shout.txt" with chmod 666
And a form which submits a name and a message to a script say

the showt.php will be this way:


function readfromfile($file)
  $content = fgets($fh,filesize($file));

function write2file($text,$file)
 $so = fputs($fh,$text);

//read the previous content
$previouscontent = readfromfile("shout.txt");

// add the new lines
$text2add=$_POST["name"]."says : ".$_POST["message"];

//write the new content to the file


the form will contain:

1) a textarea to show the content of the file
2) an input to contain the name
3) a textarea to contain the submitted message.
4) of course a button to submit it.

That's grosso modo a way to do it.

The script is not optimized (for educational purpose), it's up to you
to write the rest Wink

Hope this helps Smile

P.S. martindecorte is right: if you're "afraid" of mysql, believe me,
it's better to start! It's really worth it! Don't worry about backups, data
transfers, SQL querries, data integrity and other questions, all your worries have been studied before. You can trust million other folks Smile

P.P.S. That would be NICE if everybody brings his contribution to this modest script, so that it will be as usable us possible.
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