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Love Story or Cheating Story?

There was a guy - a friend of one of my friends. He loved a girl (or just showed up like he loved her). The girl was more than sensitive. Very smooth and polite in nature. This guy knew this and tried to get advantage out of it. First he played love game with her, acting very seriously. That poor girl felt that it was for real. He used her physically too couple of times (that some of other friends told me). That girl was ready to do anything the guy would say to as he had promised her to get married.

But when the time really came to get married, the guy gave the reason that his family won't accept girl from the the girl belongs to! Now just imagine, what could have happened to that girl by such useless escaping reasons? She just couldn't believe this and lost her mind. She remained speechless for days, ate very little that to by force of her family and friends. It took her several months to accept the reality.

This is an alarm to all those girls who believe that they are in love. This true story teaches that no matter how much the guy (whom the girls thinks her lover) tries to convince her for physical relationship, she should never ever get ready for that. She should gently deny to his requests and forces and to tell him that wait until getting married. This will let her know whether the guys really lover her or not.

I saw this girl some months back. There was no light on her face. It was the face of miseries that anyone if sees can at least think for once to kill that guy. I saw that guy too later on and I couldn't see any lines of sorrow or feeling of losing love.
Oh man thats a really sad story. Kind of reminds of Romeo and Juliet, I mean some people take love alittle too serious so i guess thats what they get back in return. I feel sorry for that girl, some guys out there just want to get it on and then move on to another. Twisted Evil
The smiley makes your "I feel sorry" sound a bit hypocritical. Anyway, I think you're right, Devang.
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