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how long does it take to defrag my HDD

i want to know how long does it usualy takes to defrag a 80 gb HDD with windows XP disk defragmentor ?
it seems that it would takes me more than a day ...
what's the solution ?
It depends on how much disk space has been used, how many times you download/delete files, install programs and what not.

It's a good idea to defrag once a month. Any more then once a month can shorten your hard drive life span.
Get hold of Diskeeper. It does my 250Gb in a couple of hours, and it goes in the background so you can still use the computer during the process.
And before starting the defragmentation, delete your temporary internet files. They can grow enormous in a matter of weeks. And preferably also delete your temp files! But a day sounds too much anyway...
Besides the space allocated, it also depends on how much free space you have (These may sound the same, but indeed, they are not).
Another obvious factor is the speed of your HDD.
Keep a watch on the defragmenter. If it goes up to a certain percentage complete and then starts over repeatedly, that means you have something running in the background which is making a change in the HD contents and forces the process to start over. You will never finish and it will just waste time and wear and tear on your hard drive. If it runs for 20-30 minutes without restarting, you are probably safe to walk away from the machine and come back a couple hours later.

XP defrags seem to take ALOT longer than Win2000 did.

I would also recomend emptying the recycle bin before you defrag.

I would also recommend that you partition your hard drive with all the files you use regularly on one partition. Then you can just defrag that...
steveadams617 wrote:

I would also recomend emptying the recycle bin before you defrag.

I would also recommend that you partition your hard drive with all the files you use regularly on one partition. Then you can just defrag that...

Yup, I run Disk Cleanup everytime myself. It's definatly good practice to run that before you defrag. It will "clean up" your recucle bin and temporary internet files for you Smile Just don't click the compress old files. Me personally, I hate how long it takes to compress all them old files and such.
Converting to the NTFS file system from fat 32 (if that's what you have, right click the drive to see what file system it has) will speed the defragmenting up some, also as said before free space speeds up defrags.

defragging doesn't shorten the drives lifespan, any more than moving a large file around. In fact it may even increase it, because afterwards the drive mechanicals don't have to move around as much (though i doubt it has that big of an effect, other than speed)
if it's taking days to defragment you should probably let it do it quickly. that means your computer is probably running awful or at least your hard drive has no organization. when i run it it takes no more than 30 minutes and that's on an 80 gb on windows 2000. i dont think they've made many changes to how defrag works in the last 6-8 years. more attention is all focused on the internet now. anyways, maybe 2 hours tops should be normal.
hello everyone, that a good question....
Well your computer really takes time to defrag, it depends on how many days, weeks, months, or even a year that you haven't perform a defragment in your computer..
Mostly the time that the disk defragmenter takes, depends on the how many days you haven't defrag it, and how many files that you use...Because each file that you use, is being quickly fragmented....

I don't really worry about disk defragmenting, because i always perform a disk defragment after i finished using my computer...

I defrag it everyday....lolz...It makes the system stable, and improve its performance....

Thank you, bye...

GOD bless
30-45 Minutes i'd say.
Once it took like 3 hours cause i hadn't done it in a long time.
Imagine you don't organize your room for a month. It will take a lot of time to do that. Computers are far from perfect so information is going to be spread more and more. Defrag solves that problem in less than an hour if you defrag let's say 1 time per month. I guess that's not the case. So go assleep and leave the damn computer do the defrag. By the way, before defrag, clean unnecessary files (temp, temporary internet files, index.dat...), shut down screensaver and energy policies, and start defragging. Shut down the monitor and go assleep.
I once had a 2 day defrag... damn that sucked :/
If you fear having a laggy and long defragmenting time, get a copy of Diskeeper in your nearest software store. It's smart scheduling system is very good. It doesn't lag your computer during defragmenting time, and it takes less than 30 minutes to defrag my 160GB HDD. It has boot time defragmenting too to defrag your MFT and Pagefile.
it depends upon the number of free space and how long have it been left without defragminting.try defragmenting partition wise.
It depends on
1. You PC's specifications
2. Amount of space used.
3. The % of Free Space
4. File system : NTFS takes lesser time.
5. The software you are using
6. Are you doing any work in the background.

Also it is better that you get a dedicated software like Raxco Perfect Disk.
It's the best at the moment.
Diskeeper and O&& are also better than the one bundled with windows.
meh, my 80gb hdd endures alot of strain when l am constantly packing, unpacking, moving, deleting. l perform these tasks about 100x a day, just packing and unpacking and copying the package, and deleting the extracted package. Neutral But anyway, the point is that it only takes me about 4 1/2-6 hours normally, and l have about 80% of my hdd filled on two partitions Neutral. So you probAbly won't even take that long.
Certainly under normal use an 80gb drive wouldnt take anywhere near a day to defrag, although with heavy use of the sort you describe then it might get close, depending on the speed of your computer and the amount of RAM etc.

Once you have got through it once it shoud be much quicker the next time (logically!), and so if you try to do it about every month it will help a lot.

To make it easier you can either use scheduled tasks to make it run at a certain time each month, or put a shortcut to it somewhere (either look at the properties of the one in the start menu or search for defrag.exe to find the target location)...

Good luck-hope it doesnt take too long...!
hopw long depends on several factors
how many disk platters
how oftej defrag is performaned
amoutn of files on disk

a 160gig hdd defragged monthly could take 2 hrs to complete


a 60gig thats neva been defragged and has had junk bulding up on it for 5 yrs could take several days

it all depedns on the factors ^
my 80gb HD takes aroun 45 mins - 1 hr 30 mins to complete

it has around 50% used
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