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Mittal Vs Rest of Europe

When Rep. Walter Jones and Bob Ney announced the change on House Menus and put Freedom Fries and Freedom Toast in place of French Fries and French Toast they were riducled in every talk show and Saturday Night Live. However, I saw this seemingly childish behavior very inspiring. They got the attention of the French government. And the message was that of patriotism. They said, if you dont support my nation or ridicule my nation we will stop dealing with you, your companies and anything that even reminds us of you. That was a strong message to the French!

Fast Forward: Here in India, we have opened our gates to French companies such as Lafarge (Cement) and Airbus(Aerospace). When Lafarge went on a buying spree in India, we said markets will decide and did not interfere with business. Airbus is slated to get 750 jets order by 2025 from India alone. Indian Airlines and Kingfisher chose Airbus over Boeing. All was fine until Mittal decides to buy Arcelor. This deal hailed by everyone with an ounce of sense of business is now a matter of “Economic Patriotism” for the French and some Europeans.

The French and the CEO Guy Dolle of Arcelor disparage the Mittal's on their ethnicity. And our Trade Minister issues a “concern” to the EU chief Mendelson? Where is our Economic Patriotism Mr. Kamalnath? Where is the letter telling Airbus and Lafarge, that we will not do business with you if your country has a problem with a “bunch of Indians” as Guy Dolle puts it.

Where is our Economic Patriotism when it comes to blocking deals with people who treat us like we are second class citizen and at the same time begging for business with our 1 billion fellow countrymen.

Whatever be your differences with Americans, we do not come close to the patriotism they display. Imagine calling the Americans a “bunch of Americans”, if Nucor had bid for Arcelor. They would ask all the French to leave the country at once.

We have lot to learn from US about patriotism. That is what made it a Superpower, and if we have any aspirations of becoming something relevant then we need to act as if we are.

The Prime Minister of India should call the Ambassdor of France and Luxemborg and tell them to stay away from business deals, stay away from meddling with business and Dont you dare disparage Indians or else we will refuse to do business with anything that reminds us or feels French!

Why does India never Support its own Country men Evil or Very Mad

it is the same story , let it be europe or gulf , they dont care for indians , yes but they want all the money we earn here Evil or Very Mad
man, what can i say

i agree with you.
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