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Gorillaz and Yeah Yeah Yeahs

They are really good bands. Two of my favorites at this particular time. Its just something about them that makes their music sooo enjoyable, especially the Gorillaz. Maybe its the characters or something. But yeah Yeah Yeah Yeahs are really good, their music is catchy and the lead singer is really awesome. Have you guys heard any of these two bands songs? Discuss please.
Yah, I've heard of them both. Of course I know the Gorillaz better. Their music videos are pretty interesting. Sadly, I don't know enough to say much beyond that.
Yeah, I have to agree that Gorillaz is easier on the ears than Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Although Y Control is one of my favorites.
yeh both bands are brillant, but there too dofferent to comapre really.

maps and pin are my favouirte yeah yeah yeahs song

and ummmm im not sure what my favouirte grolliza is, mayb dare
YYY well cool, gorillaz a bit slick possibly? I had a mate who was working with some of the images right at the start and showed me; i went 'yeah right' like everyone else but i guess they've had the last laugh...

it's intresting that they're both successful commercially and critically in different ways though.. a good think methinks
Yeah Yeah Yeahs can NOT be compared to that Gorrila scum!
Yeah :p this is super band. like listen this music
They are both good bands and there music is definitly catchy. I like the gorillaz because there music is very different from most other typed that are out there so it makes them stand out.
The Gorillaz are great. A novel concept with some very well made eclectic music. I don't listen to them very often - "Demon Days" didn't really resonate with me much. Only their singles do, for some reason.
Both good bands... I like your taste in music.
Gorillaz are...too dance for me im not a fan of techno or rap music
gorillaz are great ive been a fan of theres for years and ive only recently become acquainted with yeah yeah yeahs and i love them so ill be looking forward to more albums from them.
feel good inc is awesome
personally, im more of a punk listener, so ive been into the yeah yeah yeahs a lot longer, but i like the gorillaz too. the first cd was my favorite of theirs.
Hmmm, I like Gorillaz, but I don't know about Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I like Gorillaz's Feel Good Inc. and 19-2000 ( soulchild remix ), m1a1 is pretty weird, but the back part is nice.
I like Gorillaz better...
whos herd yeah yeah yeahs new album?!?!?

its absoultly amaizng!, defenitly worth chcking it out, after listening to it im afraid i would defentily have to go with yeah yeah yeahs over grolliaz
9/10 NME
I like both bands, but haven't heard the new YYYs album yet, heard good things about it, so will probably purchase it soon.

Gorillaz's Demon Days is brilliant, and the first album is quite nice too. Fever To Tell is awesome.
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