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My two cats =^x^=


There's no fish in it ! XD

This is Caramel, he's the big one, but he's too cute like that ^^

too cute again!!! oh I forgot, he's name is Tigrou !

He wants to come with me ! lol

kawaiiiiiiiii =^x^=

I loveeeeee my cats soooo muuuchhhh ^^
i like ur cats,
they look quite healthy! can u post some out door photos of ur cat in natural light...
they would look even better...

they are cute!
lovely too!
i love cats and dogs
Cherry1 wrote:
There's no fish in it ! XD

No fish in it, or not anymore?

Anyway, your cats are very cute! I can easily understand why you love them so much. Very Happy
Hi Cherry1.. I am also a cat lover. I also have two cats. Your cats look very cute, they seem to be big cats. How old are they? Mine are almost 2 years old.

you should send in a photo!
Wooo, it seems a lot of fun with your cats. These pictures are so lovely. I like your cats and wish more such photoes. Laughing
Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
Your cat is very cute!!! Very Happy
shut up

too cute again!!! oh I forgot, he's name is Tigrou !
He looks kind of like my cat, Kitty. Kitty is about a year old and hates my two dogs with a passion. My other cat, Spitfire actually spit at my dog while clawing him in the nose. My two dogs are Zeus and Einstein. Zeus is German Shepard/lab, and Einstein is half shepard, half malamute and half wolf. I also have an African grey named red who likes imitating my TV (he's a parrot).[/quote]
Tigrou so so nice ..
i like cats very much & they r very cool ...
they look quite healthy!

they are very cute.i like caramel old are you?
Sir Vossy
they are extremly nice cats:D i have a cat of my own i will take a picture later and show you all her:D she is 19 inn our lifes o.O how old would that be in there lifes she is now death though, i mean as she cannot hear things no more not as in dead, she has lived a very long time and she ran away for 3 month and she found her way home somehow she went so skinny we had to feed her like 10times a day now we call her fat cat:D
shut up
I had a cat that I gave to my friend about five miles down the road. About 8 hours later i'm working on my driveway with my dozer and what do I see?Shocked My cat! It walked all the way home from my friend's house. I was shocked and amazed to see it because I thought it hated me, and it came back, I stopped dozing and sat there with the dozer idling and she jumped up in the cab and onto my lap Shocked Shocked Cool, so i kept working and that damn cat stayed there until I parked the dozer, then I went in the house and it followed me and I sat down and it sat on my lap till I went to bed and it went with. It folloed me ever since it came back and it was the best cat up till it died at 20 years old.
Sooo cute.
Although i couldn't let the ginger one near me, I have allergies and although I can cope with most cats, the pigment in the ginger hair is too strong for me, my eyes and nose stream, I itch and no cuddles for that one LOL
We have a tabby ourselves, ours has no white on it tho' but very similar coulouring apart from that.
I will try and see if I can find pics to post of him later so you can see what I mean.
nice cats, reminds me of my cat
beautiful also reminds me of my white cat with different colors of his eyes, his left eye is blue while his right eye is brown....
lol so beautyful cats. They are cutes !!
First cat (the dark one) is really nice. Myself i prefer dogs but this cat is just... sweet!
Nice looking cats, the dark gray one has a really nice color and pattern.
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