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iPod Lawsuit

For all those who live in the U.S., we live in a crazy country. You can be sued over almost anything. Check this out.

SAN FRANCISCO - A Louisiana man claims in a lawsuit that Apple's iPod music player can cause hearing loss in people who use it.


Apple has sold more than 42 million of the devices since they went on sale in 2001, including 14 million in the fourth quarter last year. The devices can produce sounds of more than 115 decibels, a volume that can damage the hearing of a person exposed to the sound for more than 28 seconds per day, according to the complaint.

The iPod players are "inherently defective in design and are not sufficiently adorned with adequate warnings regarding the likelihood of hearing loss," according to the complaint, filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in San Jose, Calif., on behalf of John Kiel Patterson of Louisiana.[/url]
Hmm, I thought the law suit was in Europe.
S3nd K3ys
Warning: Warning Labels (or lack thereof) can cause severe monitary loss (due to lawsuits).
It really is kinda crazy. And any music player can do that if you turn it up far enough. They probably should make it so that you can't, but I don't know. There's not much you can do about that.
I think its true, but it should also be aplied to ear(head)phones, because I have a Noise Canceling Headphone that can cancel most noise and put some extra volume into it, its pretty much noticable. But it's not just iPod, it's allso all audio, media players, they just wan't to get some money from wealthy companies. Just my two cents.
since apple lost against the battery lawsuit for the 3g and under ipods i'm happy to say that i'm getting a free repalcement and all i had to do was fill out a two page form. what a country we live in.
i rarely listen to any song at full volume...idk who does, unless there's someting wrong with them....
When I'm cruising in the car, I normally have my iPod Mini tuned in to my music. I have it around 75% of the way on the volume control on the iPod, but with the car, it's set to regular radio volume. I know way back in the day, people would crank car radios, but today it's headphones/earbuds. Just go to any rock concert and you'll find out that when you stand next to the woofer you'll go deaf if you're exposed to it for so long. I only use my iPod Mini earbuds when I'm at the mall or go shopping, to keep myself occupied lol.

- Mike.
That's stupid buyer beware. It's not apples responibility is their's for turning their headphones up so loud all they couldn't hear people talking to them
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