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So what kind of music do you lot listen to?

I'm quite involved in the electronic damce music scene, especially jungle / drum & bass (which I know isn't everyones cup of tea). I've always been into a broad cross section of music, From Pavement to Pendulum via hiphop, blues, indie, techno - all sorts of stuff. I suppose John Pel (UK radio DJ RIP) was a hero of mine.

So what kind of music do you listen to?
My prefered styles are Indie and Trip-Hop. I love Bright Eyes, Rilo Kiley, Sneaker Pimps, Massive Attack, Laika, Ladytron, Revolution Void, Azure Ray, Muse, Radiohead..... and the list could continue. But mostly it's just chill music with occasional climaxes.
Mostly alternative rock, some rock, pop, a little hip-hop here and there. I even listen to country too, my tastes are pretty diverse.

I don't like a lot of rap though, hardly any.
I can listen to anything as long as I like it. I do however prefer hip-hop music over other types (just my personal style). Right now music has become such a part of everyday life that sometimes I would prefer to listen to nothing because the songs that are played over-and-over again are not the ones that I particularly like, I seems like major corporations are trying to brain wash us into buying this crap......What am I talking about, I need some sleep....
alternative rock, little bit of punk and rock... But im really open to all kind of music...
Punk rock, house, hh, Rock , trance, chillout, d'n'b, electronick music and everything else.
Classic rock, soft rock, hard rock, some metal, and a bit of classical.
Prog, Metal, Leftfield, DnB, IDM, Fusion, the odd bit of Funk and Soul, and even a touch of Jazz now and again.

Gotta have a touch of Jazz!
Well im kinda mostly into different kinds of music. Like rap, rock, pop, hop hop, some reggae, techno, some dance. A nd some other ones which i like but not that much. So yeah im kind of a alternative guy when it comes to music.
really fast techno, or really heavy metal (not gothic tho)
By the way if any of you like drum n bass its worth joining, wicked dnb forum Wink
My favorite kind of music is all just music, no singing. Like themes from movies. Everywhere from Jurassic park, to Armageddon, Pirates of the Carribean and on threw Star Wars, Indian Jones, SWAT, and Monday Night football, Lord of the Rings and others. For me, when all I want to do is listen to music I suppose this kind of music is more of a story told by an orcastra. Now, when I'm working though, I like Rock-Hard Rock, like Dashboard Confessional, Greenday, Beetles, Good Charlette, and some Hillary Duff among others. On the other hand when I am trying to relax or read, I like soft music, like Garth Brook's "The Dance", "Cold Shoulder", and "what she's doing now", Willie Nelson's "you were always on my mind" and "Georgia on my mind", Randy Travis' "wind in the wire" and "Heros and Friends". Finally, when I want to dance, or just jump around, I like ATC's "Around the World", Rick Springfield's "Jesse's Girl", and the Lord of the Dance music. I guess I'm really wierd, because I list songs, Most peope like a band, or an artist, or a genre, or a type of music. Me, if I hear, and I like it, I listen to it for something (relax, play, fight, think, or read). I never listen to a song or music group, class or type that I can listen to all the time, just depends on what mood I am in.
Mainly rockish (metal, emo, some punk) a bit of pop and rap.
my mind can handle every kind of music Wink but my favorite is progressive metal,like Tool (, they make the best music imo.. theire 'gradients' between dark en silence are wonderfull
Check out the music forum, so much taste out there. For me, acoustic, but classical, pop, rock, r&b and dance are all second level preferences after acoustic. just not a fan of soul, reggae, classic rock, hard rock, hard house, opera, and cheesy pop tunes.
I like mainly classic rock.

But please post in the correct forum. I just would hate to see you get banned for something like that>
I'm sure our music forum is OBVIOUS enough Rolling Eyes.

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