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Have someone heard Enya's song: Only time? Oh, that song is beautiful Very Happy
hehehe, I don't love Enya, but I like her enough. Reminds me of Sarah Mclachlan with less techno. But I like the techno. Enya should do more techno.
Iris wrote:
Have someone heard Enya's song: Only time? Oh, that song is beautiful Very Happy

actually hearing only time on the radio every 15 minutes in late 2001 almost made me hate it.

i personally like carrebian blue a lot better, or pax deorum.
Her songs is so calm and nice, but when I am in a very good mood, I can't hear on her songs, then I have to listen to techno or rock:D
every song of enya is fantstic... I am collection enya's album... but I have four for now, there are too many~
Her new album brings her to a new level in heaven, much less strings and much more acoustic, very special effect. Brilliant.
Yeah, only time was great, and the lord of the rings may it be was even better.
The last album released by Enya was really awsome. Amarantine. You guys must get your hands on this album. Especially the song Amarantine is very slow and calm. Only if you are alone and you want some peace in mind, then go for this album. I like it too much that I listen to the songs more than 100 times, truly.
dac_nip calm and nice it makes beldandy's sister sleep. urdz.. Very Happy . my classmate really loves this anime. hehe
i think "a day without rain" is enya's best album !! Her music stands out from the crowd. the ambience in the songs is way too good. for starters the main LOTR theme was enya's creation
Enya's awesome! I always listen to her while I'm studying. I recommend Cursum Perficio, Marble Halls, and Paint the Sky with Stars. Only Time was the first Enya song I ever heard and it pretty much hooked me. Very Happy
hmmm....i think yall hav convinced me i need 2 check her out. she was awesum in may it be, i just love that song so yeh will hav 2 check out her other stuff Very Happy
Captain Fertile
I am a fan of Enya and really Like Only Time, the techno mix of it is great too.

The first time I heard Only Time was while watching a montage of images in a slideshow dedicated to 9/11 and I have to admit the combination of the pictures and the music was very haunting and moved me a great deal.

Her songs are very beautiful.
I am rather fond of Enya's music. I have copies of two of her cds. I think my favourite songs by her are "Flora's Secret" and "Tempus Vernum". I like to listen to her music most when I'm taking a bath or trying to fall asleep. It's so calming and beautiful!
Thanks Chalchihuitlicue, i listen to those songs, very nice.. I am going to get the complete album, now I have only amarantine as a complete album. The rest are assorted, I want to get all the songs from enya, those tracks from feature films performed by enya also I want. The music in motion film Gladiator, Lord of the Rings are most famous. She also did music for Sweet November, Cry - the Beloved Country etc

For more information about Enya in Film field, go to
Im not a big fan of enya.. Shes just another one of those relax music artists. Although I guess to everyone their own right?
I like a lot of her songs. Very relaxing. I'm a huge fan of Book of Days.
Enya's music is very enjoyable

Can't say I appreciated her suing the Fugees over sample usage though Cool
I do enjoy listening to enya every now and again. It's beautiful.
I usually listen to Enya when I'm doing yoga and/or trying to relax. It's really beautiful music, very soothing. My favorite song by her would be Book of Days. Or Anywhere Is, or Flora's Secret.
Enya is not my favorite singer but she has indeed made some emotional music.

Her music works especially good for movies i think.

- Achene
Some of my favs: Boadicea, Ademius, storms in africa.

deStructuralized wrote:
Enya's music is very enjoyable

Can't say I appreciated her suing the Fugees over sample usage though Cool

She didn't sue them in the end, but they deserved it for sampling without crediting her.
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