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shift from Firefox to Opera

I used to use firefox as my main browser coz I heard a lot of good things about it. One is that there are lots of available plugins and extensions that would make firefox more intresting and fun. But I had a problem when I downloaded some extensions, firefox will crash or hang up! I dunno maybe bcoz of some extensions I installed. It happens everytime I run firefox and use few tabs. I uninstalled all the extensions that maybe will solve the problem but It didn't work.

I was discouraged that I shifted to Opera.. Opera is a great browser. It has lots of features. I like the most is the zoom. It's amazing. I don't find any problem with opera so far.

I want to know your opinion. Whats the nice thing about Firefox? And about Opera?? Whats your personal choice?
Well I've never used opera, But I have been using firefox for near 3 years now with no problems at all. If you're having critical problems it is most likely from the extentions, cause anybody can make one but not everybody is a great programmer.

But as far as FF vs Opera, all my friends that have given it a try always come back to firefox for one reason or another, thus why I never bothered to try it.
Opera is definitely a good browser for the power users, because it has many of the features built in that you would have to add on with Firefox. The problem alot of people complain about is that Opera has a very clunky interface, that can be good once you take some time to tweak it. For new users, I'd say Firefox is the better fit.

I've tried Opera long time ago when I was on dialup and I was happy about it specially that my computer was an old machine. But I switched back to internet explorer once I become better equipped and on broadband. I've tried Firefox and I found it great but again I switched back to my all time favorite I.E. I still believe both Firefox and opera are great browsers but I always end out having a problem browsing one site or two which make me go back to I.E !
oh dear, using IE is just asking to raped by something microsoft decided not to fix. I would use lynx over IE any day on my own computer, just so I don't get infected by every other website.
I like firefox. I like how you can open tabs and that it won't let you download anything without asking you.

Does this other broweser you are talking about does this have all of this?
But tabbed browsing is another feature that's used by IE7 too right? Well, somehow, I think I'll shift from firefox to IE7 if it perfroms better.
Yeah uhm... Yo defidently installed some bad extensions. I've only had one problem ever with firefox and that was my fault. Firefox is the @#$%
woot! haha yeah firefox. Sorry i'm having a strange day.
I really don't understand why people stand with Internet Explorer... If it's a bad browser now, with a lots of bugs, who can assure me that it's newer version don't have some bugs? I simply don't trust Microsoft...

I use Firefox. It don't give me critical errors, maybe because I only have two extensions installed... But I think it's great. But I tried Opera too, and it's a exellent browser. Opera created the tabbed browsing and the browser mouse gestures, so it's really creative... But I stick with Firefox since it's open source.
Well.. I think firefox is better.. if you asked for this one Very Happy

It's faster and safer,and the tune (firetune) is cool I think Razz in other hand I didn't really enjoy using Opera, since it's sometimes get too crappy when the Tbas doesn't docked (maximized), and it eat much memory too, and because my connection is not too good, sometimes Opera only show the page and text, not the picture Sad
Jaiye wrote:
oh dear, using IE is just asking to raped by something microsoft decided not to fix. I would use lynx over IE any day on my own computer, just so I don't get infected by every other website.

God bless you!
Lynx is too ugly for me although it could run on any old or new computers.
Opera is way faster than firefox. With rich built-in features, you nearly don't need to tweak the browser yourself. The only thing that prevents me from using Opera is its clunky interface. If Opera could find a way to put all their nice features in a clean interface, I think it will have the potential to challenge firefox.
I think opera is the better solution
i use opera for about 4 years
i like the integrated mailfunction, the look and feel (much better than firefox). the only thing with opera is that some pages look strange or can't be displayed and online html editors won't work. 99,9% of the time i use Opera and the rest with IE because some things only work with IE
S3nd K3ys
I've got Opera and FF. I quit using Opera a long time ago.
I love to use firefox instead of IE and sow far i didn't found problems whit it. And opera is a good browsers, but i will stick whit firefox. (in my eye's it is the future)
Does opera use less memory than firefox? Firefox is a memory hog Sad I've been thinking about trying it out, but never got around to doing so. Maybe I'll try it out this weekend after midterm exams are over.

I personally use Firefox, woh, I'm using it right now... The tabbed browsing is the main reason, and the extensions which are ever so useful.

However, a friend of mine is adament that opera is the best this ever created by man. Shocked

I personally don't use it because it comes bundled with all this suff i don't need... email client to be more specific... i use other software.

On the flipside, the afore-mentioned friend insisted upon sending my scree-shots of the memory usage between firefox and opera. opera won...

from an end-use point of view, can't really tell the difference to be honest...

firefox all the way!
i personally like opera better, as someone said it created tabbed browsing and mouse gestures, i love the transfers page thing, i used firefox for like a year but it broke on me one day, i lost all my bookmarks and it wouldnt browse etc
you don't really need to use the mail function if you don't need it and opera won't load it, so that's how it kept the memory usage low.

also, the feeds, panels, nicknamed bookmarks, etc beats firefox hands down.
My personal choice is Opera. When I first run it, I fell in love with it. It revolutionized the way of my webspace exploration. It has the best solution to make things to happen - mouse gestures. If you learn them you can't stop to use them. Well, maybe they're now supported by other browsers, but I do not want other browsers. I loved it when the free version have advertisement, I loved it more when I got the free licence for banner clicks and I love it more and more because it is now free for everyone.
What about firefox? I don't like it, I don't like the way it works and I don't like its rendering effects. Of course it's my personal opinion and it can be completely subjective because I'm blinded by my love ;).
Is there anything that could be better than Opera? Well, it has one disadvantage - it doesn't work on text terminals, so it loses the competition with links browser ;]
I like firefox better, because of the themes and the extensions and everything

Some of my favourite extensions for Firefox are:

Gmail Space
Session Saver 2

The good thing about Firefox is that it is just as funtional as you want it to be. If you are just a standard interent browser and don't care about all fancy features, then you don't have to get extensions for Firefox and it is a nice wee neat browser. But if you are like me and want to get the most out of the browser, then you can download as much extensions as you want, and make it do nearly everthing you would expect a good web browser to do

Where as in Opera, if you are just a standard web user, don't want anything fancy whatsoever, then Opera is a bit chunky, as you could say. But if you were really functional, you may find that Opera is not open-source (like Firefox) and that you are limited a wee bit to what you can do

In my vote for Web Browsers out of ten would be the following
IE: 3/10
Netscape: 3/10
Opera: 7/10
Firefox: 9/10

Basically, I prefer Firefox, but I am dissapointed sometimes that you can get sites that don't work properly with Firefox, but then again they are only on version 1.5, and IE are on version 7, so I'm sure they will catch up
Both are cool and Opera has a lot of neat feature in it. Firefox is open source and there are tons of extensions/plugins/themes for it. It kind of depends on your personal preference I think. Firefox might have a little bit more support although Opera can switch its user agent to look like its another browser so that sites that only support one will maybe allow it.
They are nearly the same. But opera is a little bit better.
It has the zoom fuction i like the most. Thats way better than increasing the font size.
Also displays opera most sites better than firefox. The only problem with opera is that some games dont work Sad
But thats only for the internet game players

Just get opera, i can also use it at our 'highly secured internet system' cause it automatically detects all the settings of the proxy. Firefox doesn't.

So get opera Very Happy
I was a lover of Internet Explorer 6 SP2 until I discovered Firefox. Don't bring yourselves down, Firefox rules! All those features in Opera can be present in Firefox through all the third party add-ons and plug-ins. Firefox is the most customizable and user-friendly-safe open-source browser to date. Don't settle for something less.
Opera can also be customized like Firefox. Just go to for stuffs for Opera browser.
Sir Vossy
Well i use Firefox i have used opera before but i didnt like it this was about a year ago then i went back to IE then i found out that gave u viruses for entering sites and now i use Firefox and never had any problems with it iv got all extensions nothing happend to me so i think ill stick with firefox.
I am a very adamant Opera user. Don't get me wrong, firefox is a great browser, but Opera meet and surmounts all of my needs and expectations, and I can only assume that the situation would be the same for many people if they just gave it a try.

In response to all of the firefox user claims, if you look at the statistics, opera has fewer security holes (unpatched and overall), arguably better W3C standards (if you look at the acid 2 test, which I admit isn't all inclusive), and I've seen studies that confirm that Opera is faster at loading and rendering pages than firefox, and I can notice it in daily browsing. You can easily customise the user-interface as to not appear "clunky" (I don't even know what that means.)

In my opinion everyone should try out opera, if you don't like it, fine, you can move back to firefox.
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