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I like playing soccer...
I am a school soccer team member
but my skill is bad...
any skill that you guys can teach me?
The best soccer players I see are the ones that dribble with their head up and have good vision of the whole field. If you want to be good learn to see the pass and get the ball there. The best players I see all do this. In sum, practice:). I played in highschool but I wasn't that good either.
I've only played soccer in physical education class so I'm not an expert by any means but this is what I've known to give me an edge over other competitors.


Especially on defense. That's how people with fancy dribbling take advantage of you. Just rush them. And rush straight forward. If they try to get around you, you should still be in a position to make a tackle. It's when they fake and you commit to one side that they go the other way and make you look stupid. Most of the time, they expect you to stop or move to the side they fake. They do not expect you to rush at them and doing so will probably catch them off guard a little and give you maybe a split second advantage. Careful not to whack shins though.

My philosophy: look at the ball. That ball belongs to you, at your feet (unless you're passing or shooting). Take it. Go get it. Nothing can stop you. Anything else in the way? Too bad.

I know that seems a lot simpler than it really is, but sometimes making it simple like that makes it a lot easier to do. Stay focused but don't think too hard.
Sorry I personly hate soccer.
When I was five and played I Never got the ball the whole season.
I played defense in high school and I would say to definitely not rush. Sit back and keep a short distance with your feet positioned open to the outside of the field so they don't meg you. Just keep giving them their space until they tap the ball a bit too hard. When that happens you make that ball yours. Just plain rushing an offensive player gives them one tap to the side and they're past you and you look like a tool. Any good player will make you pay for charging at them. It makes it easy for them to take you completely out of the picture.
Yes, practize make perfect!
world cup 2006 is coming soon
there must be exciting match...
it is time to learn some of tactics
lol i was browsing on the nike site and i coem across this lol,uk;showdown
And click on Ansarinho
i love soccer too

but i do not play very well
good day. I love to play soccer but time won't allow me to. My high school days are over. Well, if you want to be good in playing this game, you must have determination, patience, and love in this game. Practice regularly, ball jogling, dribbling, doing a curve pass. Just practice and practice. Practice makes next to perfect.
I don't realy like soccer

Ilike Basketball
hello. good day to everyone...Well it's okay if you don't like soccer, it doesn't matter....Just be sure to take a regular exercise everyday. so that, our body will be intuned and prepared.
Grêmio/Brazil is the best team.
Yes brezil is good but not like france....

Euh no, excuse me, that was right 8 years ago Laughing
Now the french team Rolling Eyes But we have good players Smile
sorry skills are gift for talented players
u must keep training for playing and running fast
play with ur head
hehe I Love soccer :p
Just watch someone like Ronaldinho and try and copy the things he does. Will take time to learn but when you do £££ will be all yours!
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