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Hey i was wondering if there are any good computers i can buy for my room, i got about 300 and i will have more if i do some extreme saving. Im 13 by the way so has anyone got any suggestions? I want something fast with plenty of RAM Razz.
Fast computers with a lot of ram are pretty hard to come by at 300. You might want to try saving up for another wee while - 400+ is where the good compuers start.

You could try the Dell Dimension 1100 - 279

It sports the following:
Celeron D 2.53GHz Processor
512Mb RAM
80Gb HDD
17" CRT Screen (not a flat panel)
Integrated Graphics and Audio (not very good graphics so no advanced games, acceptable audio)
48xCDRW/DVD Combo Drive (you can watch DVDs but you can't burn them - you can only burn CDs)
Windows XP Home
90 day warranty

For the money, it's an OK system - if you hit "Customise and buy" then you could upgrade some of the components (you can up the processor to a 2.8GHz model for 23), but as I said - 400 to 600 will get you a much better machine that will last longer (ie. it won't be obsolete in a year) that can do some more advanced stuff like games, 3D graphics, better audio output etc.

If you do go for a Dell computer, it's pretty important that you pay the extra 5 or so to get "media" with your operating system - this means that if you have problems with Windows, you are able to reinstall it.
I should also mention that to get it for the low price, you need to remove the Dell extended 3-year warranty from the Customise and Buy screen yourself.

Hope this all helps!
lol i was browsing the site and i came acrosse the Dell XPS 600! I would have to do some uber saving for that lol, it look amazing! Anyway thats for your help, il have a little look around on that site :p
There are ways to buy cheap computers in parts, you have to build the final thing by yourself. Here is how,

Look for brands such as eMachine, Dell. I have a Dell PowerEdge SC420 server for about USD $220. No screen. 2.53GHz, 512 MB RAM, no OS, 80GB HD. I installed a free Linux and bought a 19' LCD (USD $230). I am sure there are very cheap CRT Monitor for $30-$70.

There are deals for Desktop memory, but you must be sure that it matches with your computer.

Good Luck!
For games I wouldn't buy Dell anyway, there using Intell only.
Which is slower for games, and Intell is more expensive. :-(

If you want to game a lot your Graphics card is the most important!
But don't think you can buy a 0,5Ghz CPU and Game on it like hell.
You need to balance it properly...
Well i suggest makeing a whitebox pc, that means buy u'r parts free, not that hard to assamble , just one hitch try to buy brandname parts , fear the no name stuff it works like hell ,and it will only give u a head ache , also since probably u will mostly play on it i whoud suggest and AMD cpu , this is not to piss of the Intel fans but if u are short on cache and u want to play AMD will do just fine provided it is pared up with the propper mother board and rams

Try to get an AMD 64 with an Nforce4 mobo (ABit,ASUS,Epox by make)
Rams are pretty important and 512 will do ok till u get more money to spend on it ... (Geil is pretty cheap there and good)
Hard drives are cheap these day's u shoud buy an 120GB+ hdd , 160 ones are a bit lame but they work ok ,as for the brand i always go with Maxtor ,Western Digital is gone down hill for me Smile

For a video Card i sugest u buy an ATI , GeCube has a pretty nice line-up in the low and middle seggment wich whoud be ok for u , something around an X600 will be ok not an X300 that's bad Razz
Pm me if u need more help
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