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Different types of RAM on a motherboard?

Could it be possible to use different types of RAM on a motherboard? I have a motherboard wich has a memory type of DDR 333, can I use DDR 400 or can I have both 333 and 400 put together on my board since it has 2 memory slots? And can you tell me what is the difference between 333 and 400?
The difference between 333 ram and 400 ram is the speed at which it's refreshed. The higher the number, the faster the frequency and therefore the better performance of the ram itself.

It's a really bad idea to use 2 different speeds of ram together.
Yes. You are able to use a 400 speed with a 333 speed. The 400 speed is backward compatible.

It's not really bad to use different speeds together. The 400 speed will just be forced to run at the 333 speed.
Indeed. The only thing you shouldn't do is mix DDR and SDRam. That would be silly.
i know from experience that you can run 400 with 333 because its what im doing right now. My friend gave me a stick of his 333 and i added that to my existing 512MB of 400 so that i could have the 1GB of RAM to boost my performance a bit.
On the topic of RAM "mixtures". I've heard from close friends (computer technicians who own a shop of their own) that in practice is not a very good idea to mix those kind of different RAM sticks because of increased chance of decreased performance and other malfunctioning dangers. We have also talked about the problems of mixing RAM sticks from different companies, since what would seem a silly prospect in the first place (to put apparently equal RAM sticks -same specifications- but made from different companies) sometimes turns out to be a complicated blunder.

Of course I don't really know about that. I know my way around computers but don't have the time to be that kind of in-deph geek (I'm saying it as a compliment, I understand some people might get uncomfortable with me calling them a geek :] ), so I would love to know the possible cons of mixing different types of RAM sticks. If someone would have the time to briefly put it, I'd be grateful.

Mixing ram a a bad idea in general if you care for stability at all. Especially important are the timings of each ram (such as 2.5-3-3 and stuff like that) If the ram isn't very similar then you could start getting page fault errors, and if you're on windows that's a good recipe for the ever so popular blue screen of death. If you're using mixed ram and your system is stable for now, more power to you, but if it starts acting up that would be the first place I'd check.
I wouldn't recommend it, but if the system isn't in a real priority environment and you want to save money you could give it a shot. Theoretically it should clock back and work, but RAM is known to often cause compatibility problems. In the SDRAM days some bars at the same speed wouldn't even work together, while individually they were fine.
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