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3D programmes

3D programmes
what your 3D graphic programme you use ?
are you use 3d studio max
Bryce 5
I have Maya installed, but it's "heavy industrial strength." The learning curve is very very steep.

Since I'm a novice, I like tinkering with Poser 6.

Any Poser users in the room?
though i have 3ds max

i prefer using blender

it's great man

also Lightwave is a good try

maya is too omemory hogger

on the whole, just give a try to blender and you will not ask that question again
Though I haven't tried Maya, I am somewhat familiar with XSI 4.2 and I like much better than 3D Studio Max. XSI is MUCH faster, 3D Studio Max bogs my machine down so much that as I'm moving the wireframe of a complex mesh around it takes more than a second to redraw, so first I'll move the object too far to the left, then too far to the right, etc...

One of my favorite effects is transparency, making beveled glass letters for example. I just couldn't figure out how to do it in 3D Studio Max. I've read web reviews of the 3 products and people generally agree that with release 4.2 XSI has leap-frogged past both Maya and 3D Studio Max. XSI also has a step learning curve, like all three of the programs. The tough thing about XSI is that the view manipulation is controlled by keyboard keys and it is not well documented. For example, to rotate the screen view, you must hit the 'o' button, to pan you hit the 'z' button, and to zoom in or out you hit the 'z' button (the logic behind those key choices is beyond me). But once you get the hang of it, XSI is much smoother and easier to use than 3D Studio Max.
I have 3d studion max 6 laying somewhere dont really know where exactly Laughing
I know 3DS Max better than anything else, but I know a little Maya.. I want to learn Houdini =)
You want an all inclusive software that can help you get everything you can in 3D designs? Well, Blender is a 3D design software you would be dreaming about. Check out the cool features for the latest version of Blender.

Blender 2.41

With less than one month of development time, this has been a short and sweet release cycle. The focus of this release is the Game Engine which has added a number of nice new features such as GLSL shaders, the capability of using multiple materials and uv maps; multiple viewports; as well as a number of important fixes such as the return of the armature system. Of course Blender's core tools also have been improved, with subsurf aware UV mapping; the addition of a live sculpting tool; set chaining; a number of python script additions and improvements; and the addition of the python Pose module along with other python improvements and fixes.

Game Engine
GLSL shaders, the ability to use Blender materials within the Game Engine, multiple UV sets, multiple viewports, the return of the armatures, double sided lighting, alpha test sorting, restoration of sound, along with work on the bullet rigidbody dynamics and collision system, and numerous game engine fixes, makes this a great release for Game Engine aficionados.

See the demos for the eyecandy, and to see code examples in action

Game Engine Demos

GLSL Pixel and Vertex shaders
You can now program pixel and vertex shaders to be used in the game engine, allowing much more sophisticated and attractive effects.

Blender Materials
Previous game engine releases had to use a special materials system that offered only a small subset of the Blender Materials power. With this release users now have almost full access to Blenders material capabilities including multiple textures, multiple materials, material IPO curves. Additionally game engine users can utilize Multiple UV sets within the game engine.

Split Screen and multi-viewports
You can now split the screen into simultaneous views from different cameras, also embedded viewports are allowed.

For this release a number of fixes were made to the physics system.

Restored Functionality and Misc
Two major improvements are the return of the armature capabilities (which were lost in the animation rewrite of 2.40), and the return of sound capabilities to all supported platforms. Users will also notice smoother interaction, and a number of general quality improvements.

Core Tools

Subsurf UV unwrapping
Now UV unwrapping can utilize subsurfed UV coordinates, which can give much more accurate uv unwrapping.

Set Chaining
Set chaining allows a main scene to contain 'sub-scenes'. You can then easily make adjustment of the main scene by varying the sub-scenes that are included.

A great deal of improvements happen in the python arena. A number of additions to the python API especially the bringing back of the Pose module, and a number of other enhancements and fixes. Also there has been added a sculpting and mesh relaxation brush, a tri2quads script, and a number of nice i/o scripts, as well as many script updates.

Python Tools
Two great tools were added this cycle - mesh sculpting - that allows you to push, pull and stretch mesh as if it were clay, as well as many other nice capabilities. There is also tri2quad which intelligently creates quads from tris. Plus updates such as the texture baking script.

IO Scripts
Direct X script was updated to export animation, Collada also added some animation export, open-flight, and other scripts were added.

Pose_Module & API_Misc
There were quite a few improvements in the Python API. Script authors should have what they need now in order to import and export animation, as well as make full use of the mesh module.

Bugs Fixed
Death to all Bugz!

You can download Blender for free from the link here:

Make sure you read the tutorials and play around with the samples first because Blender is a bit complex if you don't get the basics. But the program is fairly easy to use once you get the grasp of it. Enjoy!
Im maya user. I wanna try 3ds max tho
Blender is amazing, especially since it is open source.
If I could justify the price tag on Maya, I would learn that also.

Justify=Buying an expenive program to play with. If I was trying to make a career out of it, probably worth it.

For now, Blender does everything I need.
i don't have favorite one,i use maya basically but 3dstudiomax is nice choice too
i never use lightware,bryce or blender ,soon i hope
I use Maya 6.5
It's a great peice of software and I find it better to learn with Smile
Have tried 3d max sometime ago but couldn't fit in with it Smile

I've also tried blender but I don't like the interface too with max.

I think the Maya interface is just simple and understandable Smile
I tried Blender 3D in the past, but it was quite hard to use Razz
I wouldn't buy an expensive program, just to play around with it once or twice. That's why I played around with Blender (which is open-source)
I use blender, its hard to use in the beginning but ones you read the wiki's its very easy. and best of all its free
Modo for the modelling and Lightwave for the rendering although I havn't done much yet.
i've been using bryce 5 and 3D max for quite some time and they pretty good
however i m planning to try some of those ulead products which are said to be pretty good
i have heard that Bryse or something like that is really a good one, but i am very much happy with MAYA 6.0, you can do anything and everything in here, you cant screwe around in MAX as much as you can in MAYA
Anim8or! I'm sort of behind in 3d. Is Blender freeware?
{name here}
You should use Anim8or at first because it is easy to use, and then go on to blender which has more complex controls, though it bogs down my system horribly. After you get used to that, get Maya or 3DS Max.

Of course, before any 3-D modeling usage in games you should know trigonometry, basic algebra, and several other math styles so that you may learn OpenGL or DirectX if going on to game programming.
I use Maya 7, Sketchup 5 and Blender. I'm not good, but I learn, and I learn. I have created a bad boat in Maya (I lost it when I reformated my computer), a condome in Blender (man, that one was ugly) and my computer in Sketchup.

Animating is fun. I am creating a movie in Maya, but it ani't going well Razz
I like Maya better than Max, and I used to be an only Max guy. Though you can use some very inexpensive programs, and get amazing results. One of the biggest criteria is that it exports as .b3d or .x

Here are other 3d program that I had amazing success with.

Cinema 4D - WOW this is a power house that come with things that you have to pay big bucks with MAX to get. I can not say enough about this package.

Animation Master - Very inexpensive and one of the most powerful organic modelers I have used. I sill make some things on this and import them in to the big boy programs.

Milkshape - While I do not own this I did look at the demo and really have high regards for it. The exports are VERY nice and works well with many programming languages.

Lightwave - Awesome program but I do not think that way, so I didn't buy it.

Blender - Yes it is free, yes the interface is confusing. But those that use it swear by it. You can not only model but create you entire game in it.
i like 3ds max better thn maya... though maya offers more Very Happy
i only have cinema 4d; but dont have the hang of it,
anyone knows where to find maya ? (or something that isnt that hard to learn Very Happy)
pm me plz Very Happy
I have tried both 3D Studio Max and Maya. Both are just completely different from each other and I have used them for different reasons. I use 3D Studio Max mainly to creat Halo maps for the PC. I mainly do interesting rendering and animation with Maya, but I haven't messed enough with either of them to become a "pro."

I would really like to get a hold of Renderman for Maya, that way I could make some awesome renders. Very Happy
Finding Maya is easy! Buy it. Or in my case my company bought it. There is also a free learning version that is the same as the bought version. Just check out there site.

Also if you have Cinema 4d, look no farther. It is great! you can do everything that Maya does in that program. It is a feature rich 3d package and easy to use. Just check your disk set and you will find great tutorials that come with it. BTW Maya is harder to lean than Cinema 4d.

3D is not an easy program to learn. It takes time and patience. A bout a year of diligent work to really become good at it. You NEED to work with it 5 day a week or you will forget more then you lean.

Good luck on your 3d experience!!!
Blender forever.Now i am so used to blender, i just cant work with 3Ds max. I keep pressing the wrong buttons all the time.
i have 3ds max... a little bit difficult, i wanna try maya
I love pretty much any program that's free, so I've got Anim8or and Blender. I primarily use Anim8or because it is much easier to use. I'm sure I could use blender more too, if I took the time to learn how.
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