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11 year old girl taking heroin

decard cain
i've heard this story about this 11 year old girl taking heroin, she'd been doing for months and i think she's in hospital now. i mean these days this stuff happening is just wrong. its one of the worst things to get addicted to. I think the laws on these drugs should definately be stricter. Mad

11 years old and already hooked on drugs

it makes me want to vomit over the person who was supplying them to her(little britain style)
While I do agree that drugs (especially heroin) are horrible and out of control, what in the world were this kids parents doing? They too had to be on heroin to not notice their 11 old was addicted to it.
by the way, I think you tried to link this story but it doesn't work.
I think she took [u] for url. let's hope thats coming fast, I wanna read.

Full story was on the BBC News website (it happened in Scotland, apparently)

Shocking. Disgusting. There's not much more to say.
I read a recent article in U.S. News that talked about a 13 year old prostitute who has had over 500 sex partners, and then she stopped counting. She works for a pimp.

That's disgusting. And not to mention, she probably has every STD on the planet.
The person that provides it I honestly think you can't get much lower than giving drugs to children or even having them in the same house as a small child its stupid really I could go on and on and on about this and prolly made 3 easy FriH$ or whatever but i'll end in this
if you ever think about giving drugs to a child please concider the fact you are screwing the persons life up so badly they really dont deserve that at all there much too young to know any better
Ok, now thats really sick. But didn't fifty cent (the rapper) start selling crack when he was 12? Was wondering who he was supplying to before this...guess i know now.
Oh..I think it's terrible.
i am disgusted by any drug use really. And it is unfair bringing a new child into a world that the parents may have already failed in. There should be drug testing on parents i feel and rather than legal action taken, they should just be put through rehabilitation before having full custody over their child. Although this would hurt the child in other ways, there really doesnt seem to be a good answer to many of the problems in the world.
Relly terrible
I will never take drugs
and would like to say others not to do soo tooo

It's terrible, a girl, 11 years old en she's already taking heroin. Where does she get's al that money from, yes she's stealing from other people, like old woman and old guys.
She takes heroin not my problem, but is she steels from other people to buy heroin then she needs to be punished, and don't say: ‘She can't do anything she is addicted(i dont know the word)’
No she's not addicted(?) she tried it and she has been addicted, she don't needed to try some heroin, does somebody asked her? Maybe, but she choosed to try it. And now it's het problem
America is on DRUGS.
simple as that. 80% (i think) of the people in jail use drugs.
z4c. wrote:
America is on DRUGS.
simple as that. 80% (i think) of the people in jail use drugs.

That opens up a whole different can of worms: the penal system. I remember writing a paper on penal reform, and I stumbled upon information about a prison in Pennsylvania that acted more as a rehabilitation center than a prison. They treated the people there with respect and kept the place clean. The people went there once and never went back, because they had been set straight. I don't remember the exact figures, but most of the time, people just go to jail, leave, then go right back in. It's an industry more than a system. Rehabilitation seems to be the only real answer.
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