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Northern Exposure

I tried to search if anyone had started a thread on this 1990´s show...

I accidentally watched the third episode of Northern Exposure when it was first shown in Finland. I got hooked from the first moment on. I started taping the show after the first season and kept on taping until it finished. When the re-runs started, I finally got the first season on tape, too.

Now I have a closet full of VHS-tapes, that I still watch from time to time.

There was something weirdly fascinating about the show. It had the usual small-town-America eccentric characters, of course, and the mandatory does-the-boy-get-the-girl-clichés, but the whole setting was extraordinary.

I know that I have missed a few episodes for various reasons (travel, black-out, antenna trouble). One day I´ll transfer the whole series - or at least all the episodes I have - on DVD, lock myself in for a few weeks and make a serious relapse into the world of Cicely, Alaska.
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