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Rang de Basanti

So did you see Rang de Basanti? What did you think? What did you feel?

I felt it is one of the best and the truest movies in a long, long time. Comments would be appreciated.
Havent seen it yet. But my friends who saw it have given very positive opinion about it. They said even some of the pe-independence sequences shown in the film was shot with apt music in the background and therefore it was not at all boring.

All in all, an entertainer that is what they said.
The movie kinda shook me up. It showed me what an insignificant life I've been leading. You must watch it.
I would probably see this fantastic movie next sunday. All of my friends who have watched it have started acting differently. It seems that this movies leaves a powerful sensation within the mind of the viewer and I'm anxiously waiting for to get illusioned by this movies soon after my hectic work schedule.

Will post up my comments after watching this Hit movies soon... till then Rang De Basanti....
Yes I wathced the Movie.
Performances By Aamir Khan and Siddarth is good.
Basic ground Music also good.
Finally the Movie comes to be Positive.
Well, I got great reviews for this movie from my friends. Haven't seen this one yet, as it is not released in my area.

Will be watching it as soon as it is released.
i saw this couple of weeks ago with some of my friends, no doubt this is an awesome movie i like the acting of Amir Khan and the way all of them grow up from praty freakys to real man who have the guts to change the way of a sure inspires me...
The movie seemed normal until the amazing juxtaposition came along.
It was going well, i was enjoying the motion but couldnt find anything special till then.

But, once the history as mixed with present and the modern guys were playing the historical roles in present, it just became so surprisingly interesting. This was the most effective point in the movie.

Its nice. I admit.

Rang de Basanti has been declared a super hit.

It has now become the 2nd most watchable movie in India in terms of revenue.(Figures are for INDIA only).

It has also surpassed K3G, etc.

Everything about the movie is perfect.

Did you know that the scene in which Aamir is riding a bike(After the classroom scene) and they are going to a Dhaba was shot in Broad Daylight.

Yes, it was actually shot in broad daylight and it has been changed to night through Special Effects.

More facts I will post Soon.
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