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WOW: Casual Contents

If blizzard removes the accomplishment of epic items by inserting a casual way of gaining them, then you will effectively have a loss of accomplishment for most "Raiders".

What you will then see is a massive decline of the player base.

This happened in Star Wars Galaxies, which is now a game that is barely hanging by a thread.

Change is bad, and Blizzard is not dumb. Casual Epics already exist, there called Superiors, and they come in a blue color.

Not good enough for you? Fine

Wanting Epics without the effort required in getting them is like wanting to become a millionare without working. Its possible, but highly unlikely.

If you do not posses the motivation to obtain your epic items, then you do not deserve them. Even still, there are methods of obtaining Epic items that are a "Casual" way of getting them:

Slowly grind out the Battleground reputation. Every BG has epics at Exhaulted. Alterac valley takes aproximately 72 or so hours of play time to reach exhaulted. Even for a casual player thats a month at a long term.

Don't like PvP?

Slowly build up some gold and buy some bind-on-equip epics from the players who have the motivation to actually go and get them. Epic items commonly go for about 500-1000 gold depending on the quality of the epic.
Building such money takes more time than it actually does to join a normal raiding guild and do it the normal way, but hey, its a "casual" way of doing it.

The "Casual" epics already exist, many of you people just want the stuff pre-loaded into your inventory.

The following are Non-Raiding epics that can be obtained by the above method of the battlegrounds.

The first batch are probably the easiest epics to obtain in the entire game, and many of them do not have any replica's that are better in MC or BWL or anything of that nature. The batch im talking about is obtained from Alterac Valley reputation: You can obtain every one, with a little gold, and about 24-72 or so hours play time of Alterac Valley (Depending on your Win-Ratio)

AV (easy)



As well as all of the World drop and BOE epics in existance, which add about 100 or more to the list.

It dosn't get any more casual than that, so go casual those up.

Theres also other Reputation epics from several other of the reputation reward areas including the Cenarion Circle, Argent dawn, ect ect.
Ugh, your post is filled with angryness that really isn't necessary. What the casual crowd is attempting to get Blizzard to do is to create more things to do for people who do not want to leave their circle-of-friends guilds for the 300+ member raiding guilds where your identity stops becoming your character name but rather 'Rogue/Warrior/Druid'. The call for more Casual content appeared right when these close-knit friends groups started disintegrating right and left because their members realized they couldn't get into the end game without a huge guild.

What the casuals want is progression.

The term 'casual' came about to encompass everyone who were committed to playing the game, but didn't necessarily hyperventilate when they stated they wanted to get to Onyxia and MC and BWL. Casuals play the game to have fun, and to experience the game, whereas Hardcore/Raiders are thought to rush through the game in the attempt to beat it and become the best.

This is where your point of contention and frustration comes about.

You feel that casuals don't deserve the best stuff in the game because you percieve them to not be working for it.

If you do not posses the motivation to obtain your epic items, then you do not deserve them.

What you don't realize is that Casuals are not asking to be the best, or to be 'given handouts'. What Casuals are looking for is progression for their style of gameplay.

Many 'Hardcore/Raider' type people point to the bunches of instances available to level 60's. BRD, Scholo, Strat, DM, BRS, UBRS. The thing is, with the exception of UBRS, the rest of those are all of comparatively equal progression, by which I mean to say: A level 60 can go into any one of those, then go to any one of the other of those with no problem. There isn't a progression, like there is between MC and BWL...and face it. Everyone who's been into MC and BWL has also had to go into all of those other instances too.

As you mentioned, there are Casual Epics already in the game, particularly in the battlegrounds. The point of the Casual Epics debate was to get Blizzard to create more advancement for Casuals. Advancement is another way to say Progression.

I think it all comes down to this: There are two majority types of people who play the game: People who want to become the best, and people who want to play within a close group of friends. I also think the best way to break up this conflict isn't to introduce new Casual Epics...doing so cheapens the raid epics (which is the frustration of raiders in many cases). Instead, create two Progression Paths. One passing through UBRS to Onyxia and MC then to BWL, then to AQ, and one passing through UBRS to another 10 mannable instance of a higher level of difficulty, into several quests, into another instance.

Because there are two progression paths, there will be different tactics suitable for them. Different tactics means optimum equipment will be different between the two paths. Casual Progression equipment wouldn't cut it in the Raid Progression Instances. Raid Progression Equipment would be too inflexible to work in Casual Progression instances. Because of the inventory limits imposed by the game system, it would be very difficult to keep sets for both sides. This would also lead to another interesting addition to the WoW experience: replayability. Since you wouldn't be able to go down both level 60 progression paths with one character, this would encourage you to make a seperate character and level him/her to 60 to try out the other path.
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