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Hi All I realy need your help... thanks in advance.. :)

I've downloaded through Emule some MP3 files and i can't copy the files to my other computer,I can't even compress the files... it say's access denied..bla bla...(check if the disk is not write protected...)

What can I do about it???

Arrow Thank you all for helping
You could stop illegally downloading music, then check out the FriHost forum rules:

FriHost Terms Of Service wrote:
A) The following is strictly forbidden on our servers

1. Any type of IRC.
2. Pornography, racism, violence and other offensive content, images or movies or the promotion of these.
3. Copyrighted material without the permission of the owner. (content, images, music, software, ...)
4. Hosting, linking and content related to warez, mp3's and all other illegal files.
5. vBulletin, IPB and other paid forums/software.
6. Sending unsolicited email messages otherwise known as SPAM.
7. Content related to hacking, torrents, peer to peer, cracking and serial numbers.
8. Spamming our forum or any other abuse towards this website.
9. Starting your own (free) webhost or image host on our servers.
10. Any other action related to illegal activities.
actually, i dont believe that this topic breaks the rules, he isnt asking how to download illegally, he is asking about a problem he encountered with some mp3 files. All he did was mention that he downloaded them, they could have been mp3's that were put up legally because they are distributed by the artist in this manner.

Anyway, back to topic.

It sounds to me like you downloaded something that isnt an mp3. Best thing to do if your computer is saying you dont have access to something that you should is to boot into safe mode and delete it because its probably somthing that you dont want on your computer.
Are you sure that you have downloaded them successfully? Try close you emule program. If it does not work, restart your OS.
have you tried alternate p2p clients? maybe Limewire or something else if that dosn't work
Limewire is sooooo full of spyware and other bad stuff. Very Happy
just a thought.. try closing emule before copying the files to another drive. also try it after booting in safe mode.
I didn't say that the mp3 files are copyright protected! they could be of some artist that want to get famous and let people download his songs over the net to get popular!

That is a true fact-if you don't believe me you can chek this site and see yourself that there r a lot artists that publish themselfs this way:

Twisted Evil Idea Arrow
Now back to the Topic:

Hey guys!,Trust me that I know how to download mp3 files (lol)-
I've downloaded the files correctly and I can play them at the computer that I downloaded it from-the problem is that I can't copy them to anywhere else-can't copy them to my laptop!-and I don't want to install Emule on my laptop,I think that the files are somehow protected from it intentioaly...

Didn't anyone see this problem before?
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