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Gamers Help!

I am planning to open a cafe internet and I want to give as a service the "game on the net" so people can play over the Lan, as you can figure I have no clue about games that's why I need the help of the frihost gamers comunity with a couple of questions: which games are able to be played over the net? which games are the most played or in fashion by this days? is there games to play over the net for linux? any input, suggestion, warn anything you think might be helpul is welcome. Thanks in advance for the help!
Hey wassup Alja, so you are going to open an Internet Cafee thats cool.
Which country if i may ask Rolling Eyes ? Anyway you want some games that are played allot online.
My advice to you is get these games:

Counterstrike Source
World Of Warcraft (dont play it myself but this game has to be addicting, also i dont know but i tought u had to pay per month for this game to play online tho..)
Myself, i like Quake3 allot. Used to play that game for hours and hours and even burned my pc 1 time when i was playing haha.
Anyway i dont know if you want all these new games or if you also like some older games.
Thank you Thug! do you know if this games are available for the linux plataform? and about the games it really doesn't matter to me if they are old or new as far as people them and play them.
You're definitely gonna want Counter-Strike 1.6 at your lan center. CS can be used with Linux btw, but I doubt you will want to use Linux at your lan center because games run better on Windows. You're probably going to have to get Warcraft 3 and World of Warcraft (depending on how good the computers you plan to get are).

Those are just the games I play and see other people play when I go to a lan center.

Also, a suggestion, you should host tournaments. That's something I've been hoping my lan center would do for some time.

Hope that helped.
root wrote:
depending on how good the computers you plan to get are

How would it be a descent configuration to run this games.
Here are a few things you should get if you have plans to start up an internet cafe:

First off, Some high performance systems. You would want these to keep up with the high end demand of newer games that require a lot of processing power. Alienware has a lot of great gaming Desktop computers starting at $649.

Second, you would want a high speed dedicated internet connection. You want this because if you have 30 people trying to play any game over the internet, its going to be really really bad and laggy! I reccomend at least a T1 Line.

Third, you need games! Head over to Steam's website and click on cyber cafes. They give a special rate to people running cyber cafes and other special promotional junk for cyber cafes. There are also other games you are going to want (trust me CS and HL are not enough). I don't know the exact licensing for using certain games in cyber cafes but if you do start up one, make sure you have at least one licensened copy of each game per computer and use seperate cd keys.

Another thing you would want would be a small linux based computer running some lan servers for the more popular games like CS and UT2004. These games seem to be more frequently played and if people don't want to play on the net or you want to host a tournament, you will need a lan server.

These are all the things that you would need to know for now. If you want to know more about starting a cyber cafe, just drop me a PM or something like that.

Also, just wondering, where do you plan to set up the cyber cafe?
Wow thats really a nice idea to open ur own internet cafe...

i think u should install

americas army
age of empires
rise of nations
unreal tournament
counter strike 1.6
counter strike cs
lineage 2
Battlefield 2

and there was some more but i forgot them
My list of games i would play:

Call of Duty(one?)
Call of Duty 2
Battlefield 1942
Battlefield 2
Counter Strike Condition Zero
Counter Strike Source
Half Life 2
Day Of Defeat
Americas Army

Those are just fps games ask an rpg fan.
Hobbit wrote:
Those are just fps games ask an rpg fan.

what fps and rpg stands for?
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