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American Idol

So has anyone been watching American Idol? I saw Las Vegas today and there were some funny auditions (Like the FAT Lady who sang Baby Got Back aka the song about the big butts XD). I really can't wait to see the end of this!

(I couldn't figure whether to put this is the TV or Music forum so I put it herE!)
I like the show in the early stages better than when they narrow it down ot the final 12. Bad singers are fun to watch.
I cant even stand to watch the show anymore. I watched it when it first came out but it got old real fast.
I agree with the comment that bad singers are fun to watch. Even though they are quite amusing, I do feel bad for the horrible singers that think they are amazing and have their dreams crushed.
The show is too.... "Fox"-ish. Too scripted.
Like when they do a "story" about someone before they even audition (where they take the cameras to the person's hometown, talk to their family, etc.) that person always ends up getting in. If they want to do a feature on someone, it's best to do it after the person find out they got in. It's less obvious.

Also, according to a bunch of angry contestants from D.C. that auditioned and were featured on FOX... there's a rigorous process of mini-audtions before they even get to see Paula, Randy and Simon. People were complaining that in the mini-auditions (which there are 2+ sets of), people who were obviously horrible singers were let in for show ratings, versus people who could sing (according to the angry contestants) and weren't let in.

I don't like American Idol that much. I don't really have the time for it. I try to watch the first episods. In the first episods there are funny things and singers and that's what i like to see. When the first episods finish, the boring stuff comes. By the boring stuff i mean the actual singing. I love Simons comments. Very Happy
I love this show, its so funny. The only part i actually like though is the first week with auditions and all. After that it gets boring and pretty stupid. I like seeing poeple make fools out of themselves, so this show is perfect for me. I saw that fat lady who sang i like big butts, i though it was pretty stupid though. The girl with the fake tan actually goes to my high school. Havent seen her since though. . .
Duo Diablo
I find the show hard to watch. True, it is very scripted now. The first season was good, becuase it was new and different. Now, its just more dribble. Everyone on that show thinks vibrato is the greatest thing ever. A voice dosent have to vibrate. The people on that at the end have talent, but i stil believe people who work hard to get to where they are deserve more credit than those who just sing scripted songs through a talent search.
American idol sux.

Maybe on the next presidential elections we should have the candidates sing on tv, and have people vote over the phone. Potato chips

Agreed, the interviews are a bit of a give-away and there MUST be someone filtering these idiots, sending good ones through as well as the disturbed individuals Simon blows it on.

Regardless, the final contestants are better than nearly every pop singer, Spires Simpson....

it is a really good programme to watch

i love it so much
I've just started watching the show, I used to avoid it for some reason. Caught the Las Vegas episode, there really are some characters that try out. My funniest moment was when the guy came out in the clown outfit and the judges just sent him out without hearing him sing. On a side note, I'm surprised that no one has tried to kill Simon yet.
i can't believe they are still making that show. it's so annoying. the only thing worth watching is Simon Cowell tear people to shreds. I hope they at least have the decency to have a good scandal this time around - preferably one with a lot of drugs and sex and maybe a small gunshot wound in the shin for good measure!
I usually only watch the auditions.... I stopped watching the whole thing after Ruban won it... it keeps getting worse and worse.
A show that makes PoP StArS out of nobodies..
don't we have enough pop crap already?!

The only person I like on this show is Simon..
damn it, is he the only one who has good hearing?
American Idol is exactly wut is wrong with america. So many people r sucked into whatching these morons and it is completyely rediculous. Pffft.
I do not watch it. why? because they are not my idol.
Ya I've watched American Idol a enough times to say it sucks lol. Well i dont really like it that much. I like the "So you think you could dance" one better since its more entertaining and better.

yea my cuzin auditioned, she almost made it to the top....i wanna audition some day, when i have some skills...hahahahahahaahahahhha if u have nothing better to do , listen to my audio clips.

click on music, then click on the song I need you, i am the first singer, and somewhere in the middle and later on.....

u can listen to the second song if u really want to hahaha....please post comments
This one probably belongs in the television section of fri host. but hey, since it hasn't been tampered with, I'm going to go ahead and reply.

Well, either you watch it or you don't. it has become sort of a guilty pleasure for americans, sure the auditions are all trainwreck, they feature people who wants to get on the tube and look like idiots while they're at it. It makes for great television.

The people I liked so far was the two 16 year olds, but i can't quite remember their names, but one auditioned with a bluesy voice. she's the one I'll be watching and rooting for, the rest of the season, unless of course it turns out she'll let the pressure get to her and she'd suck. but as of now, i'm in her corner.
The only time i ever watch this over in the uk is when it first starts.
The auditions full of people with no musical talent whatsoever is just great!
Other than that, american idol or any of the UK singing audition shows just dont intrest me.
im english so no but there is pop idol but i still dont watch it lol well some times i do to laugh at the people that cant sing. Laughing
I used to watch and I liked the first stage of audition. I can't believe how can some one be that terrible and want to do something that would embarass themselves in front of million viewers. Someone told me they got paid to do that (well I don't know). It's kinda funny though if you're not too serious. I know my husband hates it and doesn't want me to watch that show when he's at home Confused .
This is the stupidist show on TV. The singers are SO bad. The only part worth watching is the auditions. William Hung is the perfect example of how this show gets the worst singers. He got a record deal, and he didn't even make the show.
that show is funny! I liked crazy Dave

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