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the final truth

All of us live and most of wish to live long. But have we ever noticed that each one of us has to die. If we are given a chance what kind of death each one of will like to have?

Under what circumstance you might commit sucide?

I would like to die a most peacefull death in my 50s. I will never comit sucide unless it is neccessary for the pride of my nation.
I will never comit sucide unless it is neccessary for the pride of my nation.

Assuming you were speaking literally.
Well right now, I see myself dying one of 3 deaths:

1. Getting killed by half the asian population of my school. If you piss one off, you get a whole bunch of them pissed at you.

2. Becoming a famous person and getting assaniated by one of my former classmates for actually being sucessful in life. Nobody in my school has, and never will, ever ammounted to anything.

3. Dying at the age of 67 due to a heart attack because of all the energy drinks, mountain dews and other highly caffinated beverages that have effected my daily life and kept me up late.
I would like to die when I'm good and ready. Once I've done everything I want to in life and traveled everywhere I want to go. After I've done that, I'll be ready. As far as comitting suicide, I don't know if I could.
i know that if i'll die because i decided to suideside is only if this will save someone else i care about a lot!
If I had to die, I'd want to go out in a heroic blaze of gunfire. Not in any particular situation or anything, just like some random situation. Maybe just enjoying coffee in a quiet restraunt, when bam, giant men with ak-47s wearing baclavas enter the room...then I somehow manage to kill them all in a movie-style battle, and as I die I tell my wife/girlfriend/children(if I have any of them) that I love them and everyone cries and I finally die.

But thats if I HAVE to die...because I'd rather just live, as cool as a death like that would be. Suicide though...nah, I'm pretty sure I'd just rather only get one life right? Might as well live it until it breaks down.
Here's my motto which I came across years ago as a student (it's from the play "Ajax" by Sophocles) and which now hangs in my bathroom as a constant reminder:

Long life? Who but a coward would ask for it,
Beset by endless evil? Can he enjoy
Counting the days that pass; now a step forward,
Now a step backward, on the way to death?
Who'd be that man? To huddle over the coals
Of flickering hope. Not I. Honour in life,
Or honour in death; there's no other thing
A nobleman can ask for. That is all.

And yeah, I can see my self die by my own hands... Sane? Not I. Smile
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