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Parent Connect

I dont know how many of you heard of Parent Connect, but it basicly is the worst.

What is it ?

Parent Connect is a program schools use that enables parents to go to a website and see their kids grades 24/7 . Your parents can see all your assignments, tests and quizes. They see your grade and it notifys them visa email if you fail something.

I personally hate this thing since my mom checks this at work 5 times a day. I dont know how many of your schools use this, but i think it is unfair to the students. I liked how the parents only saw the report card and not bitch at me for every grade i do poor.
That's a good idea at my point of view. If you're not happy of your notes, just study and work more Wink
Well being at your age, and having to go to school to get good grade. Natually you will hate it. But if you would put yourself in our prespective, you would say 'I loved it'.

Put it this way, if you are a good student. Getting good grades, why worry aboout your parents seeing your progress. You should be proud at your grade. You never know they might just decided to reward you for getting all 'A' (4.0 GPA), something like a new car.

But then, if you are getting a bad grade, not turning in your homework. I have one question 'Why?' Wink
In my country in a school near where i live theres a similiar system. However, there are more "options", for instance you parents can discover via SMS if you have left the school or if you didn't go to a class...
Have to say that in my school days didn't exist anything like this and i seriously think i wouldn't survive if it existed lol Razz
If I had had that when I was in high school, I probably would have been more convinced to do better. I think its a good idea.
Yeah, they had something like that when I was in high school. Fortunatly, I knew a lot about computers, made horribly long passwords for my parents, disabled cookies on the site (which won't let you log on right), and destroyed the paper that the passwords were on Wink. That worked for me, haha. Legally though, they have the right to know your grades. It sucks, yes, but thats how the law works. Just wait till you get into college though. Unless you specifically give permission to your parents to see your grades...they can't. My dad about flipped out when he figured this out. He even called and almost yelled at some poor lady because I wouldn't give him permission. Its a great way to get back at your parents. Unless they're paying for your college, then they can threaten to take that away. But mine aren't, so I won.
It all depends if you think that the ability for parents to continuously know your grade will help you get a better grade. In the long term, I think that depends on the parent's attitude. There are definitely parents who will not use the system correctly, and actually be a negative influence on grades. If your parents are in this category, then there's not much that can be done. However, I think most parents (that care) could easily help their children. It could even help to recognize problems outside school -- such as grades on all subjects decreasing over a short period would perhaps indicate high stress or other problems.
I bet your only complaining because you never do your homework. Seriously, my school has that and my parents check it quite often. I really have nothing to hide so whats the point of them being able to see it? I could see if its that anyone (Friends, Colleges, Army, Government, Ect.) Could see it but nobody I know is going to want to know my grades (They know them already)
i got a 3.0 lol and my mom comes home everynight to just yell at me for 1 homework or somethingy
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