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College or Pro (American) Football?

Would you rather watch College or Professional (American) Football?
 33%  [ 2 ]
 33%  [ 2 ]
I don't care, I just love to watch American Football
 33%  [ 2 ]
I don't care, I don't watch either.
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 6

Which of these would you rather watch? I'm a college football fan myself. The game just seems more real.
I seem to enjoy watching College football more every year. College games seem to mean more to the players and the fans. Also it's nice to see a lot of colleges airing it out and running creative plays instead of just pounding the ball on the ground all game long. I could watch Big 10 and SEC games every week.
To me College football is clearly more interesting to watch. I do enjoy watching pro football once the playoffs start, because only then are games truly must win games.

However in college almost every game is a must win game. 1 loss for a team like Ohio State, Texas, USC or one of the other true National Championship caliber team and your true goal of the season is pretty much out of reach 2 losses and your season is a dissapointment. 3 losses and your coach is starting to search the classified ads for a new job.

In the NFL when a team with 6 losses can still make it to the playoffs or even the superbowl it makes shelling out 80 bucks to go see a game rather hard to rationalize. I want to know that the team will not be satisfied with a loss. Effort is nice but do or die is better.
Yah, I'm a big Iowa fan, but Iowa dissapoints every time they're supposed to be good.
Yah the worst thing that can happen to Iowa is be picked as either the Dark horse big ten team, or a possible big ten favorite. For some reason they play contrary to their expectations. Expect them to be good, you should count on being dissapointed, expect them to be bad or mediocre and watch them make a great run to to the top. Trust me I'm a huge buckeye fan and am always happy to hear when Iowa is a potentially good team, because I know then tht OSU will have no problem beating them.
That's too true, and it makes me so mad! This season we started near 10th in the ratings. Well, I don't even know if we were ranked at the end of the season. Anyhow, it doesn't matter, because we really didn't have a good showing. (I am a hawkeye, so I suppose I can say we?) If we would have beaten Michigan I think a lot of things would have gone differently. Look at two seasons ago though. I don't think anyone thought much, and then we had four or five halfbacks injured, and Drew Tate stepped up and had a great season.
I'm more of a fan of the NFL because the players are generally more skilled and defenses are a lot more skilled. We don't usually see >40 scores in the NFL but we see them in college all the time.

Plus. The NFL doesn't have a bull**** system for determining the championship.

But I do enjoy both and I think the college atmosphere is much more exciting especially in the massive stadiums like in Michigan.
I love both college and pro football. It's great to see the rivalries in college, but you can see more big hits in pro. Also, I like how the option is used in college. Although, there are some really good trick (a.k.a. gadget) plays in the pro games. You don't see a lot of those in college. Plus, you have so many college teams and you usually have a hometown team. Usually with pro, it's just whoever has the best players that you root for. But that's my take on it. Bottom line, I like both college and pro.
I used to be a very big College Football fan, I was a fan of the Utes before they were good. However, I ended up going to Utah State and our football team is absolutely horrid.

I like the NFL more now.
I love the NFL! and I love the BCS!

Bah, I can't choose.
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