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It's official.. their heads exploded!

S3nd K3ys

273058, I just hugged my daughter close to my heart, went into the bathroom
Posted by MrsGrumpy on Mon Jan-30-06 05:15 PM

and cried my eyes out. Good night Democracy

273183, goodbye to legal abortion. get out the knitting needles. nt
Posted by catmother on Mon Jan-30-06 05:20 PM

275673, she doesn't know what the damage is yet
Posted by CountAllVotes on Mon Jan-30-06 07:12 PM

She'll find out soon enough. No more birth control, no more right to terminate a pregnancy, wanted or unwanted. No more rights for women.

God help her should she become disabled. Then she'll really know what it has become. How sick it all is, and WE fought so hard for that right to choose and now one stupid assh*le gets a position of power and we know what his agenda is.

What a sick bastard. Sad


279052, American women just joined the ranks of Taliban women
Posted by Erika on Tue Jan-31-06 01:56 AM

and you're a male talking about clerks wages? Talk about disconnect.

278505, Failed for the last time.
Posted by LeftHander on Tue Jan-31-06 12:01 AM

So with the Alito nomination...handed to the GOP on a silver platter by centrist democrats and apathetic, pathetic public and brainless media.

Stevens is going to retire and will give Bush a third selection to the court.

Iraq War....handed to the GOP by centrists....

Tax Cuts for the rich handed to the GOP by centrists....

Social program spending cuts handed to the GOP by the centrists....

The cream filled center has been fattening the GOP for 15 years...

Game over. Neocons win.

Protect your family. It is everyone for themselves now...

It has been fun, aggravating, heartbreaking and now....deeply dissapointing hanging on to the last shreads of the democratic party and to this democracy.

The kool-aid has been drunk by too many. The democratic party needs to be dissassembled to fix it.

How can we keep on beating our heads into the wall when there will ALWAYS be the few that will tips the scales in favor of the GOP facists?

I will keep writing and I will keep singing...but I feel I can no longer hang out here anymore. It is so clear that the "Democratic" party does not really care about this country. To ignore the party base for so long. Losing to the right time and time again as turncoats side with "the enemy" in fear of public backlash stops today for me. I no longer want to lend my support to an organization that lacks charachter, conviction and purpose. And is filled with just as many self serving liars and media whipped fakes.

This was the last battle I fought for the Democratic party.

****** you, chicken shit faux democrats. You have pissed on the heart on soul of your party for the last time.

I cannot compromise my VALUES any more supporting rightwing apologists.

The next battle I fight will be for America.

Anyone who wants can visit me at, comments are welcome so are submissions. I'll continue waging my battles from there.

278812, I just want to kill something. does that mean I'm turning Republican?
Posted by PretzelWarrior on Tue Jan-31-06 12:54 AM

God, I want to hit and hit and hit. I want to grab the ones whose faces are forever creased in a cynical, selfish shit-eating grin and bash it on a countertop. What the F*CK is going on? WHAT THE ******!!!!!!!!!!!??????????

I feel this is a huge drop down the stairway to hell. IN many ways BIGGER than 2000 and 2002 and 2004. IT is bigger than going to Iraq. ALito on the court with nothing but a whimper from the so-called leaders on the DEM AISLE???

I SAY ****** THIS COUNTRY. I'M GOING TO GRAB MY DAUGHTER when she is of age and drag her to another place in this world.

I'm tired of fighting these evils in this country. THey are in many ways as radical and as close minded as the taliban and other Islamic fundamentalists. And they are ruining me. THey are destroying my soul.

I think I'll vote Republican, start worshiping Satan, and start cutting down all the trees in the neighborhood. Just slide all the way down into oblivion.

This is priceless!
Ah, yes. Admissions of defeat?
I have to totally agree man. All the melodrama over one supreme court nomination is straight up insane... Rolling Eyes

I didn't personally agree with Alito as a pick for the court but the reactions are priceless... like some crazy soap opera or something! Laughing
Everyone still has the free will they were born with: choice. Don't want to get pregnant? Don't have sex. There's your choice.

I want this amazing choice power of liberalism. I want to be able to CHOOSE to jump off a tall building, fall 50 stories, hit the ground, and suffer no injuries whatsoever.

Rolling Eyes
I choose to dissalow all abortions!
You can't take away my right to decide either!
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