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the bio of skazi

Skazi(Asher Swissa) needs no introduction ? a genuine trance artist from the premier league of trance creators in the world, producing a unique style of hardcore dance floor trance music since 1998.

His first trance album "Animal", released in September 2000 was revolutionary in its sound & direction and dramatically exploded in the worldwide trance scene. Being previously in the local punk and hardcore scene, Skazi brought a new and innovative twist to trance, combining live guitar riffs & storming sounds.
"Animal" became an overnight success & positioned Skazi in the front row of trance
creators in the world with huge demand for his music and live shows everywhere!!! In March 2002 Skazi released his 2nd album "Storm" ? another real stormer that really shook the world of trance again and established Skazi at the top.

Skazi compiled 3 compilations between the years 2001-2004("Zoo1","Zoo2","Zoo3" and "Most wanted") with huge success, released more than 100 tracks in over 40 albums or compilation distributed world wide staying for months at the top of the sales charts in major countries like: Japan,U.K.,Russia and more.

Since the combined production of "Animal" CD Assaf B-Bass joins the live performances all around the globe(Japan,Brazil,Mexico,Europe,Israel and more...) in charge of the live synth's sound thus taking the Skazi Live Experience Show to a higher level!
Skazi has covered every corner of the globe, performing mainly at big raves, in front of 10's of thousands of people in: Israel, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Greece, South-Africa, Switzerland, Holland, Portugal, Australia, Russia, India, Spain, U.K., Bulgaria, Italy, Hungary,Denmark,Sweden and many other countries that host this elite trance act in various successful events and electronic festivals such as: Fuji Rock festival jp.,The Gathering jp., Exxpirience Brazil and much more .

With more than 15000 visitors every day in Skazi web site, 45,500 web sites who Skazi appears in, more than 1000 parties in the past 6 years and unbelievable rate of producing music , Skazi is with no doubt unique in his genre.
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