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Apache Server on Win XP Pro

would you recommend using apache server in Win XP Pro? how well does it work? Would an OS like Windows 2003 be better. Also, is Apache Server's primary purpose an application server?
I wouldn't reccomend it, but it will work. Running Apache on Windows Server 2003 would't be any better. The best OS to run Apache on is *BSD or Linux, since Apache was designed for those operating systems. If you want a server specifically designed for Windows use IIS 6.0. But Apache owns IIS.
i totally agree with root. the best OS to run apache on is linux. linux rules!! Twisted Evil if you still want to run an apache server on windows maybe you could use the program easyphp that is a program with apache, mysql and php build in. it is very easy to install, and very easy to configure. i hoped i could help you a little bit.
thanks for the help guys! I will check out this easyphp and read up on it! I also suppose this is an opportunity for me to learn linux.

how risky is it having a dual boot system with Win and Linux??
that's the problem with windows: how insecure it is. That's why i asked about having linux and windows on the same machine. how risky is it in terms of the two of them in one system
There isn't any risk of having the two on the same computer as long as you partition everything correctly. If you want to dual boot Windows and Linux, make sure you install Windows first, so that Linux can replace the Window's boot manager with its own, most likely GRUB.
thanks!! will see how it goes
well, i feel there's no need to install linux on another partition.. u can try live CDs meant for servers.. check out: under distributions.. there are quite a few listed there..
You can install Apache on Windows XP pro (I have it running myself).

Do you want to use the webserver for internal use only (aka intranet) or available to the rest of the world?

At the time of installation you can select on which portnumber the Apache-server has to run. Instrad of using the standard port 80 you can select another one. Visitors of your website have to specify the portnumber in that case.

An example to make it clear: the Apache-webser is listening on port 1234, so to view it you have to enter the address http://<your domain name>:1234 (the :1234 is for the port number). When a webserver runs on port 80 you don't have to specify it, because your brwoser will use that number automatically.

For me Apache has several advantages: it is free and you have many extensions you can load. There is a whole community out there developing software which is suitable for Apache.

My home-server has the Perl-extension loaded to support GNUMP3d. GNUMP3d is a tool to put yuour music-colection on-line. Simply select the song or collection of songs you want to listen to and a playlist (m3u-format) is created for you. I have now streaming media all around the house.
if you want it just for development is ok, I recommend you the 1.3.x versions, that's better for windows. But if you want something better you can use the Zend Studio Server (not free), which includes Apache 1.3.x (on the same installer, but you can install the studio server on any other server), winenabler and some other stuff that works very well with Zend Studio Client.
if you're so eager to run a windows server, consider using apache2triad (here), a Windows LAMP thing-ma-bobber...
The Apache Group does not recommend using Apache on Windows as a permanent solution. If you allow access from the Internet, be careful and monitor everything.

it does nothing wrong under my winxp
but I use this combinaton only becase I don't have another computer to work one(one client, one server combined in one)
There do probelm about running it on xp pro, just test it for performance etc and see if it can handle it. (im sure it would becuse im using it on xp pro to)
There is nothing wrong with running a Apache HTTPD server on Win XP pro. And Linux is NOT more secure then Windows. I would suggest to do some research on that. The latest bug count revealed 10 times more bugs in common LINUX distros then in Win XP pro. And since Microsoft is a major target of hackers all the time, their people ar up to date on fixing bugs Smile. Don't mistake LINUX for UNIX. So run your server on Windows and make sure you get the Apache security settings right. And don't get me wrong. I am not a Microsoft supporter. But since you have it, why bother about changing if there is no need. I have it all WAMP and LAMP and the only difference is the LINUX search for driver.
I also runned an apache server on windows search on google for xamp its an very good secured distrubution of an apache kit it includes mysql5,php5 and alot of other stuff.
NickS0ns wrote:
I also runned an apache server on windows search on google for xamp its an very good secured distrubution of an apache kit it includes mysql5,php5 and alot of other stuff.

Boy, lots of feedback here. Sounds like a lot of crap too from people who like to hear their keyboards go clickety clak.

I you want to run Apache on windows, go for it. It popular enough that a package called WAMP exists. Security is always a risk. An inconnecrtly configure LAMP server is at risk just as a WAMP server would be. i agree WAMP a bit more risky but not more risky due to apache.

Am I right when I say, that you want to set up a server as localhost? then, the security is no problem! No one will find this host!
(I don´t know what happens if someone knows your computer´s IP... Can someone access the host then? please help...)
I am running XAMPP on my WinXP Pro, too, and it works fine. Very Happy
You can do it. Lock it down. My friend has been running Apache, MySql, and Php on WinXP pro for a few years now. I think that running it on Linux is a better idea, but you'll be fine with Windows XP. Don't listen to the FUD.

I am a Linux supporter through and through (I run Gentoo on Reiser4, installed from scratch from the net - not easy - I've a tutorial in the works - as in I know what I'm doing with Linux) so take that into consideration when you make your decision. Apache can be run from many OS's. That's part of its beauty. Run a good antivirus and antispyware (not necesary on Linux) and go to it. You'll be fine.
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