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DEsign tips!

To start off, keep in mind that web development, like any other 'craft', is a subjective process, and that any one opinion may differ from the next. The idea is not to establish what is right or wrong, but to try to lay down some ground rules and to give you a place to start. Everything has its place, but try to use tools when they enhance what you're trying to get across, instead of just downloading things and throwing them in because they look neat.

Try to avoid things that have been done a million times before, and are getting a little tired. These might include:

page counters
javascript text scrolling
excessive animated .GIF's
under construction signs
page fade-ins, etc.
You are so right for the animated gifs... but as for a Under Construction image, it is informative and mandatory if you want to keep maximum visitors when your site is down.
hey dont forget that marquee effect which is really irritating but of course if you use some effects over marquee, like which can scroll up and down using your mouse.... and all that.

plain marquee effect is the best to be avoided.
I agree with the marquee...that gets very annoying after awhile. I also want to add Blinking text....which i suppose could go along with .gif....unless your site is very popular and visited often leave that out. on occassions you need some things to stick out at people....but make sure its neat and not terribly ugly.
oh more thing...Alert messeges and popups. they can be distracting...and may slow or freeze your viewers PC. which will cause them to take there bussiness elsewhere.
Zach Ownz
what do you mean by how annoying marquee is....? would this be annoying to you?
nice tipps, i also design,

and i really could use these tips

Zach Ownz wrote:
what do you mean by how annoying marquee is....? would this be annoying to you?

Actually that is not bad at all. I like the designs. Scrolling Graphics is different than the regular annoying marquee text.

Seeing your site give me ideas for what I like to do as far as designing aspects.

Like I had mentioned in some of the other threads, I am currently working on Themes Templates for a CMS. And this type of designs is the way to go other than a traditional "Left / Right and Center Blocks.
Another bad thing to add is the constant fixed at the location navigation that keep following you everywhere.
And most of all, I hate it when your mouse has a little banner attached to it that animates everytime you move it. You know, the one where little words follow it, or your mouse cursor is a F@cking smiley face or something. That is just annoying and makes me want to leave the site.
that marquee isnt bad at all....but how do you use the images like that to make the template? can you explain that to me please ive always wanted to know! lol
Zach Ownz
I use Photoshop and Imageready and it makes all of the code for you(to an extent) and all you have to do is name the slices, its all pretty easy, if you want a tutorial for this go to they have a few good template tutorials.
One other thing is color combinations! Red on green or vice versa is very hard to read, and if you are colorblind like 1 out of every 200 women or 1 out of every 12 men are, it is impossible to read.

I would suggest going to Web Pages That Suck to learn more about what not to do in design. It can be eye opening for people sometimes.
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