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Graphic + Web Design

my website is :
I do graphic and web design....any feedback woul be cool!!!
anyone who needs a b card,flier,poster,leaflet,logo, etc.. even a website...I can do it all!! not hesitate to contact me via my website!!...I am cheap and very profesional!!...have a look at what I do..if U like it give me a ring and I ll do yours free quote...
I m based in Hastings UK but we can communicate via e-mail or post I ve done it before no problem!!...easy and fast..
Up to U...I m always available!!..
Best regards,
I like the intro of your site. I like the music. Your art is very good. Your charcoal drawings are great.
Music is great but it makes slower load into your website. Design is nice. Laughing
very nice! just be very careful about how much animation you put in there. it could present a few problems to people with slower connections. Good though, i really like it Very Happy
I really do like your photography. Looking at the websites you have created for enterprises, it is easy to see that your clear and eye-pleasing graphics will surely land you many commissions in future.

I guess that websites don´t always have to be fast and informative. There´s room on the web for experimentation and sensory experiences.

As a professional musician, though, I have to say, that a loop of music playing as background to a website quickly puts me off. Your music creates a nice atmosphere, all right, but after the atmosphere is set, you might consider fading the music to some other, maybe natural soundscape, or even to silence.

Keep up the good work!
Your site looks pretty good! Smile
I'd like to do something similar to this when I grow up (haha "grow up" I sound like a baby)
Cool Bananas!!! Wink
oh man thats awsome!!!!!
the site design is very impressive lkeep up the good work

I love the Paul Gilchrest website you designed!! I love simplicity, but I was very impressed with the flashy quality of your site and your designs. Keep up the great work. Applause
Olivia Wood
The design's cool and all (and I really like your work) but it does take a while to load - and seriously, when I look at it, I just want to see the pictures. I find that thing where they all start out squished and then expand to be actually quite annoying, and I think most people would agree with me, especially if they were seriously interested in your work, which they would pretty much have to be in order to consider hiring you, right? Smile I would get rid of it, if I were you.
i thought your site looked very good and your work is excellant the only prolem would be for viewers with low internet connection/dial-up with all the animation etc.. still i like it alot well done great work.
You got a cool ass site i liked it it had a good look im also in to the same things you are so that is cool
you have a very nice site Smile so
i don't love the font you used i don't know why
you should make an html version for small connection like 56ko user
i love the collage,drawing ˛ photography section,keep the good work Smile
Hi i'm mokhi..your site is very beautiful..the music is's a little bit chinese ..i really like it..good job..nice to see your work..
by the way..i want to study design in do you think that's a gainful work..ok thanks..ciu bye
Very nice, good job, your intro is nice 2 Wink
wow !
look very good !
i can see the investment in the web site...
in general i relly liked your web site...
wow Smile its really like
one of my friend und i tried to make a site like yours but we couldn´t Smile. we wanted a site totally like yours Smile. he is makin some draws and photos.
it´s really nice Smile keep on working.
wow...great work on the flash Laughing Mr. Green
I like the flash, problem is, too much animation and boring music(for me Razz )

I really love your site...good work and keep it up Cool

P/s: Could you make me a flash intro? Rolling Eyes
Your Design is great man. It would be really cool if you did all your flash animations in DHTML. Really Profesional Thought.
Your Design is great man. i can see the investment in the web site... the music is's a little bit chinese ..i really like it..good job..nice to see your work..
i know it's really hard to work with sounds on websites without it being a little overwhelming, but it seems a little cluttered, especially when i navigate around the menu and that noise happens every 1/2 a second. personally, i like softer sounds too so that if my speakers are loud or if i'm listening to music, it doesn't interfere with that.

hope that helps, otherwise a great website!
on my browser (konqueror) i see nothing but a black screen. Most probably, the site does not comply to the WWW standarts.
From the posts on thin thread I understand that you have some music that is played whenever one enters the site. PLEASE don't do this. Music and "cool" flash intros are very annoying, resource eating and useless (in 95% of cases) .
you should have a skip intro button for those with dial up looks gr8 though so I can see why you mite not have that kind of button or link to skip the intro !
The artwork is great. If you could enlarge the print on the main page a little, it would be better for those who do not have perfect vision.
Just had a look! Very Happy
Impressive stuff!
I especially like the Hastings Pier site! Very nice! Very Happy
The colors, lineart, concept, animation, EVERYTHING Great! Very Happy
Your site is simply incredible, I wish I had half the talent. Amazing job.
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