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More Photoshop Artworks

I'll start with a header for site:


Fully rendered in Adobe Photoshop CS2 without any plug-ins... Only brushes. So if you're planning to make something like this - this will be an example Wink
Maybe the picture is not so peacefull, but banner is for one of the death metal underground bands.Cool

P.S. Awaiting for your comments....
pretty good Alie everything goes together..i like the border and also the shadow and stuff....

good choice for a header...keep it up
Thanks for coments, xxGunner. And now.... One more picture:

Freeman's Pain

If anybody remember stone burner from the Frank Herbert's book "Children of Dune" - this is the point!
WOW! that's very nice!what font did you use?
those are sweet man. Nice work. My only suggestion for the first one is the name of the band is pretty hard to read. My eye gets drawn straight to the Kill Me Jesus. Whats the paper in the background say? Its driving me nuts!
^ Yeah, that's exactly what I was going to say. The text is so hard to read...I can't tell what the last word is at all.

The paper's bugging me, too, actually. What does it say? Razz Smile

About the second one, pretty cool. Very neat effects there. I would only do one thing different, and it's a small thing, really. I'd make the text bigger and place it across the image. Not dead center, but slightly below that...Because the text is the important part, at least as far as I'm concerned Smile Very nice work.
Ok, I'll answer the questions one by one Smile :

1. Font
For the first picture wrightings I'he used couple of fonts, I'll write a few words from the header and add a font names:
For Inferno and Satahn I've used VTC Tribal font,
Kill me Jesus - CreepyGirl font.
For the paper - Loki Cola font (it's like Coka Cola)
For a second picture I've used only one font - MegaDeth (like Megadeth band).

My eye gets drawn straight to the Kill Me Jesus

Thease words are from the lirics Wink . That was the point to focus you on it and on the paper. About band name you're right. I tried to add sharpness a little to the pic for easier reading. This is it:

What do you think about this one?

Paper is one more symbol for lirycs, that's all Smile

To kaikou: I'll try to play a little with the words in the second work like you told Wink
One more work - photo retouch. Created something like a brutal disk cover Smile Awaiting for your comments!
Brutal Urgency

One more picture. A simple one:

Soul Flame
big d
thats some cool stuff...i know how much time poeple spend on drawings as i have tried photoshop for myslef great work
Thanks big d! Wink

One more effect work:
Nuke Dreams (for Nuke users only Wink )
Rendered in - photoshop CS2

And flier:
Super Prom
Rendered in Photoshop CS2

By he way, just now I'm working for their site Twisted Evil
You are bloody talented. I was really blown away by your creations! I really mean that.
nice work. I dig the soul flame, and I love that fractal flame brush set, although I lost alot of stuff I did playing around with them in the great hard drive crash of '06.

The band banner is definetly looking better. I think if you just lightened up the inside of the text just a little bit it would give it the little bit more that its missing.
Nice work man. What about the colors? It needs a bit of a color adjustment.
Shake wrote:
It needs a bit of a color adjustment.

I've already tried to add some colour adjustment, but the result is not so good for a site template. Background colour of the site is grey (like in the header picture "Inferno") with blured golden borders. After colour changing colour gamma into reds header woudn't fit to the rest of the page. If gamma colours would be grey - the site looks like as tecno-retrospective Smile
One more work in signture style. Check it out!

And remake:

i really like brutal urgency and soul flame. there is a pretty cool goth scene where i live. i'm going to be doing some work for a local band, i enjoy seeing other's creations. nice stuff.
truely awesome pictures. I really like those flames. Which brush did u use for that?

Did you maybe made a tutorial for these awesome pictures?

greetz Kees Very Happy .
i dont like it tbh; it doesnt feels like it is one part; and reduce the opacity of the scanlines;
thats just my opinion of course Very Happy
Bengt wrote:
i dont like it tbh; it doesnt feels like it is one part; and reduce the opacity of the scanlines;
thats just my opinion of course Very Happy

feel the same,i don't like it,you can use more opacity, colors & color layers
Awesome dude...
I loved the Freeman thingy you got there.
you need to work a little on your styles and fonts.. its a little to random,, else its ok.,
To Bengt: Thanks for coments. I really need more practising in rotouching photos... Wink

To achene: If you're talking about using photoshop styles - we're always need to work hard for our self upgrading Laughing If you're asking why all the pictures are not in the same style - it's because I can't stay with the same style in brutal and retro works.

To subhramani: thanks for coments Wink

And now one more work. It's not really JUST photoshop work... See it:

Name - Holy Priest
Modeled in - 3ds Max 7.0
Rendered in - 3ds Max 7.0 (thanks to my new Radeon Laughing )
Optimised in - Photoshop CS2

Awaiting for your coments, people Wink
Wish i could do it. How long did it take you to lern all of this? Really good A+ for sure. good luck and keep at it.
To Blaster: I'm in 3d less then one year Wink I'm working only in 3ds Max and Wings3d. Want to start working also in ZBrush, but I just have no time for that, because usualy untill the weekend I don't see computer at all! So, I think if you want to start modeling on my level - you'll need to work about 8 months. That's all!

One more variation of the previous work. I've changed camera view, added sword model (one more sword Laughing, soon I'll have a large armory at home!), changed lightning effects of the candles... Also candles' flame now looks like more realistic (as for me)... And other stuff... Awaiting for your coments Wink

Name - Holy Priest
Modeled in - 3ds Max 7.0
Rendered in - 3ds Max 7.0 (thanks again to my new Radeon)
Optimised in - Photoshop CS2

Thanks to everybody who took part in this topic unntill now Wink
i love them Wink
some of them are almost as dark as i am Razz
יפה מאוד!

Very nice work!
I like the 3D priest. Smile
You should add more detail to his face, though.
i love them. it must have taken along time to figure out the perfect combo for that eye. the 3d renders are good as well
Hey Man,
I absolutely love the 3d work, very dark! I really have no idea how you'd even go about starting that! I've only ever used photoshop myself.

Nice work technically on the header, but I think its a bit too much you know?

I understand its for a deathmetal site, but I still think there are just too many things going on. It looks a bit cluttered for my taste.

The eye is pretty cool though Smile
not bad at all for pure brush creations, and that 3d is rather nice as well, keep up the good work
Game Fortress
They are okay, but they look photoshopped. I know they are, but the sign of a truly great photoshop image is looking like it was done without photoshop
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