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a discussion about harry potter films

hay everyone of you must have seen a potter film whats his opinion about it is it bad or good so answer me and write whatever you want and in my opinion harry potter 4 is the best then harry potter 1 then harry potter 3 then harry potter 2
In my opinion the latest movie, "The Goblet of Fire" is the best. The other movies sometimes seem to drag on, but this one kept me paying attention the whole time. The problem is how much of the book must be cut out and lost. I think Harry Potter is much better read than watched.
The only thing I can say is that they seem to be getting progressively worse. Ask someone who has NEVER read the books what they thought of the movies, and that will be far more accurate than a bunch of fans raving about how great they are (trust me, they aren't.)
my favourite HP movies would have to be number 1 and two. number 2 was kind of different cos they had a new director and a new actor playing Dumbledore (the original actor passed away).

i havn't yet seen the goblet of fire but im hoping it should be good!
I'am not exactly a Harry Potter fan, I just watched the movies. I think the third is the best. The worse is the second.
The Harry Potter Filmes in my opinion, are shit. They cut out most of the key parts of the books. Not to mention the actors are not very talented.
I haven't seen the fourth movie yet (I will soon), but I reckon the second movie is the best so far. I like dark sequels. Razz

The first one was alright, but the third was right out awful. (Might have to see it again to tell you why, but I didn't like it one bit).

Now, I haven't read the books (and very little intention to do so) but I've been told that they're written in "different layers" meaning if a child reads it they read one thing, and if an adult (or someone with a little bit more understanding) reads it, they read something more. If that made sence.. Razz What I'm getting at is, since it's not as easy to make a movie the same way they write books (obviously, no?) and since Harry Potter is a sort of a children's story, it has a rather childish touch to it and I find it hard to enjoy...
I like all of the first three movies. I kinda didn't like the third one because of the lack of color. I know it had to be like that because it's supposed to be the dark times, but it'd be pretty cool to see more color. I haven't seen the fourth one yet but I'm hoping to see it when it comes out on dvd. When's the next movie coming out? The movie is finally catching up with the book. I dunno if that would be a good thing or bad thing...
My favourite so far is the third Harry Potter film.
I think it had a really special atmosphere...and I liked the camera and the shots in it and the kids were great, Hermione was as always the look out for.
As for the teachers, Alan Rickman as Severus Snape does a so terrific job, that you almost forget to breathe!
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