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worryed bout Red Devils Crew

Mr. McCoy
Hi frihost...

i was just wondering about our safty here on frihost?

im from denmark, and right now at the moment the problem with the muslims are getting bigger!(the episode with jyllands posten has posted some pictures of muhammed) many danish websites ar being hacked from the Red Devils Crew.

so are we safe from being hacked (or acctually its only Defacing... but i dont want that to happen!)

I think maybe you should've PM'd Bondings about this - it's not good to make public posts about possible security threats...
Mr. McCoy
i see..

and 2nd!.. my site has been down all day! i cant see my page.. nut others can.. why?
I don't think you should be worried about those, I suppose. There are thousands of other hackers on the internet. Most of them are rich spoiled kids trying to show off what they are able to do.

Your website is most likely not one of the most popular websites of Denmark (otherwise it would need its own server), so I really don't think they will target your website.

The server should be pretty secure, but an experienced hacker is able to get into every webserver.
Mr. McCoy
good to hear!

but why cant i see my siteE?.... others can, but i cant!
Mr. McCoy wrote:
good to hear!

but why cant i see my siteE?.... others can, but i cant!

first time i clicked on ur site it didn't load [url=ajdskfasjgias gaisngoadsfg afdsgoifjg a odf gjoeirnaer oge rgoqeirng erog neri eoringqoei goeirng oargo dfijg oeiner ghoaifg adofigho eri goahrfgo iadfhgoidahfg oire hnfodijagdofmgiero g oeih rgoii hdfgoisahdfoi gaioerg hoeringo idafnogaihdf ogdfihg orieoieng kdjsf laskdjf alsdkjf iasdlfjw ielifjad lfisdjl f sdaifjsdifj dislfjiasd fidjfioaifhgo hroeaihgr esdjfklasd fjaksd fjiasglr iglisfdhglaisdf glarihg alihfsdgiaslf gjilrjalsdfhgla igfhlai dfg hlire ghliasdfngl aifgh alri hgtlafighliamfsdgliafg lahidsfgl ring lasifglasdfigh alsdihfg laisdfgnlirnglaif glaisfdhglirhg laiaksdfjglaskdjg askgj alfk gjiadf glrij jglaidfj glidfa gjladifj glaidfj glaidfjg lri jgidfalgiji ladfijg adfilgjdfligjladifjg dfliajg flidjg fdgijsngleri ge].[/url]..... once i refreshed it it loaded tho........ Shocked
Mr. McCoy wrote:
good to hear!

but why cant i see my siteE?.... others can, but i cant!

I can reach your website. Can you connect to ? otherwise your ip might be banned from the server. In that case just notify me and I'll unban it.
Mr. McCoy
yes i can connect to that page..

nut i still cant connect to my own site... my friends can...

i did connect once today... but when i tryed to log in it went down again!
Mr. McCoy
i think theres is something wrong on my site...

only i cant connect to it... and when i FINALLY connect og get disconnected after 2 sec
Mr. McCoy
okay.. THIS is ******..

i cant connect when i use but if i use<ex. index.php> i can without problems...

what happend to my domain?


it seems like only the users cant connect to the portal frontpage!

when i log ind i CANT se www,
Mr. McCoy
looks like someone messed up my mysgl!..

and i havent made any changes since 20. jan.
I am able to access all those pages you mentioned without any specific problems. Maybe it has something to do with cookie settings?
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