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FPS Games

Zach Ownz
This is, IMO, the best gaming genre, i love, not like, LOVE, Perfect Dark... I also like Battlefield 2 and TimeSplitters Future Perfect. I think that these games would be alot better w/o EA behind them, The lag in these games is amazing. I wish it were these games, with the halo kinda lag(not alot) and, my favorite XBox/PC game of all time, drum roll please, Delta Force: Black Hawk Down, this game took my Gaming to the next level, i had it for PC, and then, it blew up in my CD drive, although, when i took all the pieces out the CD Drive still worked, i had no BHD, but then, Novalogic gave me a gift, they gave it to me on the XBox, and man do i put some serious Hours on that game.

Whats everyone elses' favorite FPS or shooter in general?
I'm not the biggest fan of the genre but Metroid Prime is totally awesome! Smile I'm currently looking forward to metroid prime hunters for the DS with its online play and all that other cool stuff.
My high with the FPS genre was Goldeneye... Since then I've liked both Deus Ex games and haven't really played any other FPS other than that.
Zach Ownz
Goldeneye? dude, play Perfect Dark, its SOOOOOOOOOOOO much better than Goldeneye, its pretty much the same, but better story, and better weapons! i love that game more than any other game EVER! well, maybe not BHD.... Twisted Evil
Goldeneye and Perfect Dark are both great in their own ways, I'm a bit more of a Perfect Dark fan. I also love counterstrike. That's about as far as FPS games go for me.
FEAR is an excellent FPS game. I loved the horror and mystery in supported in the game as well as uber graphics. A FPS fan should definitly try this one out
metroid prime isnt fps. its fpa.

my favourite fps is without any doubt at all the original quake. man, i love that game! so frigging great! must get kqp again and play it online, its sweet sweet =).
cube! its free, its reliable, its beautiful, and awesome graphics. Very Happy
cube is really hard O_O
you dont get a lot of ammo, AT ALL! and there are tons of enemies. i died instantly pretty much ;P

they need a little work on it, but it looks great =)
Could someone post a link to cube? I keep getting the movie series when I do searches.

I will have to give a shout out to both Half-Lives. They were really great. Also, If you liked Deus Ex, check out System Shock 2. It's freeware now, you can get it at There are some great mods out there ti improve the graphics too.
you just need to search for cube fps and bingo, here you are Wink
The biggest problem of my computer is:
when I play a new FPS i have only 4 FPS
SilverDogg wrote:
you just need to search for cube fps and bingo, here you are Wink

yeah. just tell us when you're going to play. I'll be glad to join. Very Happy
The biggest problem of my computer is:
when I play a new FPS i have only 4 FPS

loool.. funny... Razz ... or where you serious?? Shocked Shocked Shocked

anyway.. I have a GeForce 6600GT.. pretty decent (please bare in mind the date this was posted on.. coz I'll get a newer one soon.. i hope) for our milenium... so I ussually get 20-30 FPSs with all maxed out on games like Battlefield 2, F.E.A.R. and NFS - Most Wanted. Twisted Evil
Good genre, loved it all online FPS for me are great to me, I been playing MOHAA for qutie some time an its expansion Spearhead. Along with other great games such as the COD series, and ofc Battlefield 1942 and the more impressive Battlefield 2 which is by far a top class game.
counter strike / source and call of duty and mohaa man i love pc games
Battlefield 2
Batllefront 2

Two of the best FPSs i've played
they are so much fun
I own and love:
Metroid Prime / Metroid Prime 2
Battlefield 2

Timeshift also looks like it will be great when it comes out in March.
I've had quite a few "less than stellar" experiences with the First Person Shooter genre lately. If I don't recall incorrectly the two last FPSs I've played were "Unreal 2: The Awakening" and "Star Wars: Republic Commando". Since I started the post saying my experiences were not so great, let me ellaborate a bit on those.

Unreal 2: The Awakening

This game looks great, awesome, astonishing.

Ok, now that we got that out of the way, let me try to digest and summarize some of the problems I found in this game. First of all, one of the things I usually like about linear shooters, is that most of the times the linearity is based on a strong story that you can enjoy and that pushes the game forward even when most of the time you spend the whole game shotting the crap out of more or less the same enemies (of course this may not be the case, but with Unreall, you don't really have that much variety). The thing is, in this case, I found the story quite lacking. Not only did I have to put up with a railroad of clich่ based plot, cardboard characters and some pretty silly excuses to risk my sorry space marshall ass for some mysterious arcane artefact.

Of course, it all would have been just dandy, if the gameplay wasn't so .. bland. I would say it's repetitive. By the end I would just wish for another of those blast the whole level set ups than to stand one more of those defend the base levels with (let me repeat my expression) "less than stellar" henchmen that you need to direct with "more than stellar" accuracy. Of course that doesn't mean that the AI is very intelligent ... quite the contrary.

Amazing graphics, hideous story, dull levels (with some very honourable exceptions ... specially the middle of the game, and then you go back to that whole Skaarj thing) and special school kind of AI. I had fun, but then again, it was short enough to not bother me so much (and let me put an emphasis on so much) and I wouldn't play that ever again.

Star Wars: Republic Commando

Well, this game looks amazing. Well, I have to say it, maybe not as much as Unreal 2, but I feel its on equal terms and it really captures that old "Star Wars" feeling, if you are into that, that is.

Now, this game has been advertised as a squad game with strategic elements that are about controlling your squad as you all blast away at the relentless waves of enemies. Well, first of all it's not that strategic. The controls and options are all very much straight forward, and this (for me that is) is a good thing :). The game manages to stay fresh and sharp with easy commands and an intuitive interfase, even if it doesn't provide all the options you would expect -I was never slowed down by all the squad management, but sometimes I wished I had more options-. So it's a compromise, you give something and you get something.

The gameplay and controls are also sharp and responsive. It's a little bad though, that you use this controls at something which is ... to be honest, completely and utterly repetitive. You either blast things into oblivion, or hold holds your position -blasting things into oblivion- while you or one of your teamates disables some device or does whatever the story demands. There is not much variety, even if the scenarios do provide some interesting tactic choices on how you tacle your enemies -not so much though, I just mention it because I have the distinct feeling that I felt I could have done things differently on quite a bit of occations-.

The scenario thing doesn't last long though, and that is because the game doesn't. It's short, I finished it in three days and I don't play that much in the first place. In the end it's a mixed bag: you want to keep going in your cover ops missions (which is a lie, I don't think I sneaked in that game even once.. not for real though) for more time, but at the same time you know that you've seen all that the game had to offer.

In the end, another game I won't be playing again. So there you have it, not my favourites (I don't know if I had any), but hey ... I guess a few opinions on two FPSs I had fun with are still post-worth material, right?.

I like the classic FPS games, like the Doom 1-2 and the first Quake. Superb feeling and graphics (in their times of course but still looks good with add-ons).
My another favourite is Alien vs. Predator 2 (I did not play with the first and i am not an addict of the movies but the game is awesome).
you can try these games.. awesome and free.
Alien Arena 2006
Hot Potato Online v1.2.0

google them and download. voila. ahh by the way, these are for linux distributions only, i don't know about windows. anyway check them out.
command e conquer renegade.
the graphich is good and its better Very Happy
gona try this cube game right now i love any ting free Very Happy
and coz of the tip on the game il drop a game tip its not fps but here it com its a mmorpg and its free but if u donate a special amount u get a few special items
Half life and half life2
The best fps games ever. Fear does a good job too.
HL1 and 2 are the best.. opposing force and blue shift are good too....

But F.E.A.R is good too... i strongly reccomend it, bestest AI ever!
i picked up day of Defeat this weekend..

its great. The levels are realy well designed (ruined buildings, street fights, towers to snipe from) it sounds amazing and the guns feel realy good.

for example the standard "nazi" rifle is slower than the US one but more accurate and powerful. the US rifle although weaker has less recoil and is much faster so more forgiving if you miss first time.

every person on a team can make a difference for example a good player using the machine gun can turn the tide of a game..

rockets are slow but perfect for clearing snipers out of buildings, assualt troops have grenades and short range (but fast) guns.

i love it Very Happy
I would have to say wolfenstein enemy territory rocks its the best free fps ever but the only thing that tops et is war rock you can drive things like bf2 and its free also.
Counter-Strike rocks all the FPS games !!!
Day of Defeat (half life mod) is good multiplayer FPS... But bestest multiplayer FPS is Unreal Tournament 2004!

Level designs, graphics, balanced gameplay... everything is BEST in Unreal Tournament 2004... play it if you havent before...
pll wrote:
Counter-Strike rocks all the FPS games !!!

Totally agree with pll. Very Happy
Agreed !! Counter-Strike Rock !!!
but CS : source for me !
best Shooter game ever
doom best fps ever ummm....... wolfenstien 3d 2nd best fps ever..... ummm...... battlezone......... <- all legends
I agree, Counter Strike is a very good game. I think it is the best multiplayer FPS around at the moment, and it claims to be the worlds #1 online game. I originally only played it with bots, and I have only just started playing it online...
The bots in CS:S work quite well, and their ability to autogenerate a .NAV file is very handy.

I just got a fast enough (2.3Mbps) connection to play it online, and it is really awesome. My pings are contantly around 20-30ms and I hardly sufer from Lag. My skills are pretty pathetic, but they are improving, my average kill to death ration is ~0.6

Does anyone know a furom for just Counter Strike:Source? I would like to join a clan...discuss maps etc...
I had alot of fun playing Half-Life 2. The physics engine is definetly the best I've seen in any game. However, I haven't played a real FPS in awhile, hell, I haven't even been online in Halo 2 in three months, and people are still asking for my gamertag.
i love FPS's. The only problem is, a lot of them are losing good storylines for graphics. Which is fine. But to have the same story never have a dramatic sequence. Pshh. Terrible. Other than that, a lot of FPS's are making progress graphicly and tactically. Ghost Recon for the PS3 looks good both graphicly and storyline. i hope for the best still. Laughing
I like FPS, I mean I love them for a while but in the end you've got to go back to RPG's.
timepsplitters is the best game ever!!! Its just so funny with people like the gingerbread man, duckman drake and of course Mr Socky! It shoukd have some more levels though, like the levels in 007 nightfire (also awesome weapons), and more vehicles like in Halo Very Happy
by far the best fps game i have played would have to be CS:S,
in fact i LOVE cs, like an obssession. not just source but 1.6 as well,
closely following css would have to be hl 2
this game is what i playt when i am alone, and in need of a single player game...

just gotta love the fps games
I got Metroid Prime Hunters today! Very Happy After some singleplayer and a few multiplayer matches it's probably my favorite FPS. Smile Can't seem to find anyone on line right now though. Confused
Team Hedgehog
I likes FPS games like: Red Faction and Timesplitters.
Counter-Strike: Source, owns to (But my computer can't run the game, because of my stupid 3D grapich-card Razz .
I like FPS's in general... pretty addicting and fun. Sometimes though you just don't feel like play =PP. My favorites are Black Hawk Down, Battle Field 2, CS (all) and FEAR. I know there are ones just as good even better... I can't play them or get my hands on them so... ya =PP.
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