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what is your most favourite theme song for the films??????

here please say you oppinion about the theme song of any movie and i will start my best tv theme is james pond then massion impposible then the pink panther haaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy you all enter and say your most favourite tv theme now!!!!!!!
You have me confused!

Film theme songs:
James Bond

TV Show Theme songs (too many!!):
The Brady Bunch
The Monkees
Full House
One Day At A Time

and on, and on, and on.
The best movie theme song :
requiem for a dream

this theme song is awesome, and very beautiful
tooo fast toooo furious.......lucadris-act a foolll Cool Cool
Best soundtrack is from the movie Top Gun Very Happy
Or i like the sound track of Bloodsport Smile
Terminator is a good one. Or Twister.
heheh, ask any teen to hum the theme song for "The Lord of the Rings". Most will be able to, given thought of course.

Even better, ask any teen or child even, to hum the "Harry Potter" theme song. You wouldn't even need much thought.

Sooo catchy...or maybe I'm just a little to fan-boy-like.

I don't know what the theme song exactly is for Napolean Dynamite but I reckon the intro atleast, the one that plays through the opening credits with the food and everything, is pretty catchy. "We are going to be friends" by the White Stripes Razz yehhh.
the theme song for team american...piss urself funny!
or i like the theme tune from the godfather its good aswell
The opening theme to POWER RANGERS is totally awesome. I realize now that I never really listened to it when I was a kid, but now... wow!
The themes to both Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. The first is arranged by Joel Goldsmith and the second written by him. And yes, you may recognize the name as the son of Jerry Goldsmith, the famous film/TV composer. And then again, you may have no clue who I'm talking about Smile.

Scifi/fantasy usually has good themes, just because it's more appropriate.
I absolute love the scores from Requiem for a Dream, Donnie Darko and Moulin Rouge.

The best TV Themesong is the A-Team tune (Y)
All the Epic movies seem to have really cool soundtracks.

I especially like Gladiator.

Constantine has a wicked end credits song.

Dances with Wolves is good for studying to.

Can't say I have one favorite. Hmmmm... can't really remember TV theme songs too well at the moment.
Zibé wrote:
The best movie theme song :
requiem for a dream

this theme song is awesome, and very beautiful

i agree Razz
Zibé wrote:
The best movie theme song :
requiem for a dream

And Brother where art thou is always pretty catchy Rolling Eyes
Gladiator - "Now we are free" or "elysium"
Lord of the rings
Pulp Fiction - two really good tunes here from Scoobysnacks and the guitar riff.
Robin Hood, everything I do, I do it for you.
Lennon wrote:

Robin Hood, everything I do, I do it for you.

i hope that's an ironic one!

thoughi've been addicted to the michael nyman stuff for ages and that's basically the same song in every film....
Best theme songs would have to be James Bond, and perhaps Indiana Jones. :-)
The Cliff Martinez soundtrack for the remake of Solaris.
All the Tarantino films: reservoir dogs, pulp fiction, kill bill... cool music!
Movie: Rocky II (spoken from a true fan) the sceen where he is running. Robin Hood, (everything I do), I do it for you.

TV: Rossane, Full house, and soo many more.

Robin Hood, everything I do, I do it for you.

My parents wedding song. Very Happy
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