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What Media Player Do You Use?

What media player do you use to play your music / videos?

I use iTunes for my music.
I use the following:

iTunes (very often)
QuickTime (very time)
Windows Media Player (all the time)
SonicRecord (hardly ever)
Real Player
InterVideo Home Theatre (usually)
i also use itunes it is the best no media cant work on it oh man it is the best at all and if we compare it to windows media player you will touch the great difference between them
petroldevil wrote:
i also use itunes it is the best no media cant work on it oh man it is the best at all and if we compare it to windows media player you will touch the great difference between them

Have you read the PM I sent you petroldevil (your points are going up awefully fast aren't they) ?

Anyways to get an account you need posts that are actually worth reading and after your tenth post (3 more to go) you'll stop recieveing them.
I still haven't figured out which one i prefer to be honest.

Currently winamp tends to be the player of choice particularly for video as i prefer having the seperate video window so i can go 'full-screen' on either of my two screens (monitor or tv). Then i guess it's windows media player although i don't know why i like it to be honest although i suppose it's library features are quite good. then it's Itunes which i do use sometime for music, usually when i want a random selection from a very large collection (parties etc). all the others (quicktime, realplayer) i hardly ever use.

if anyone would like to suggest another one which is a) free and b)has a seperate video window and great library features please let me know.


Most of the times it's simply Windows Media Player. If that's the player that can play the mediafile I can't be bothered to play it in another player. It has always worked fine for me, so never felt the need to download another player. When it's needed I use the Real Player or VLC media player (to play BIN's).
I use VLC for any kind of video and Itunes for music. Although Itunes is really slow on my system as of late.
I have iTunes for musice (and my iPod) and I use Windows Media Player for just about everything else, movies, video clips, music videos.
Eh... going to move this topic. Wrong forum.
Xine! Open source-all-the-way!
Windows Media Player is what I use. I like it's ease of use. I also like how it can go into mini mode on your taskbar and you can control it from there. It is compatible with just about any MP3 player. CD's are also very simple and quick to burn. The other good thing is that you can play other types of media, too. Unlike iTunes.
Itunes for my music and VLC player for video
1. I use WinAmp for music .
2. Windows Media Player for Movies.
i use windows
power dvd
Zach Ownz
I use Windows Media.
go to the basic, microsft media player is simply the best Smile
I use:
amaroK for music
VLC for video
mplayer for web-embedded media
I use realplayer. Very Happy
I use Windows Media Player 10 and iRiver Plus

I prefer windows media player though
Mplayer and amarok for me !

What else ?
I use winamp. Pretty cool. Has a lot of plugins and skins ^^ And it's lightweight too~!

Very Happy
I use 3 Media players:

For Music, I use Winamp Lite (this way, I can double-click a track and it starts playing almost instanty) and iTunes (for my music database).

For video, I use Media Player Classic - this lets me watch Quicktime Streams, Real Video Streams plus any other videos I need. It's pretty good.
I use MediaMonkey for my MP3s. And for movies I use Windows Media Player 10!

I've tried a lot of other music/movies programs, but these two are my favorites!
For DVDs I use WinDVD. I like it a lot, but its not "that" perfect as PowerDVD...
iTunes and QuickTime.
I just use winamp.
I use WinAMP, Storm Codec and Windows Media Player.

Storm Codec is sooooo good, highly recommended!!!!
Music: WinAmp and only WinAmp
Video: Depending on my mood and whether it has subtitles or not (embedded or through an external file), I'll use either VLC or WMP.
I've only ever come across one file that neither could play, I need MPClassic for that one...
I use WMP10 mostly winamp secondly quicktime hardly ever i tunes rarely.
Winamp for the visualizations and Media Player Classic as it plays everything and isn't as "heavy" as all the other big name apps.
iTunes. Always.

iTunes is the best because it is so simple. You see the music, you play the music. None of this "super advanced" crap.
I use The Core Media Player, because you can easily add any subbtitle to your videos.

You can find it at
iTunes by a long shot. Nothing beats it (especially because I have an iPod).

WMP or Quicktime for videos.

I hate winamp... whoever said they use that should seriously reconsider.
Rhythmbox for Music.
Mplayer for Movies.
SubEdit player Smile it's based on the MS mediaplayer 2 (hence uses a small amount ot memmory/ resources) does't have any fancy graphic crap on it Smile and has an extremely high amount of functionality , starting with good short cuts for playing , fforward , back , volume , quick access to codec settings , custom resize of movies , hight withd , zoom , screen position , reads subtitles , aso has abitlity to resize subtitles and adjust position and display time , font of subs and background for them.
Only down side is that it is in polish Smile the setup i mean, don't be alarmed once u get trugh the classic next-next-next-finish stuff u can chose player language and there u have english and a lot more Smile so then u can watch movies easily. This is for major formats like : AVI , Mpeg
For Microsoft formats (asf,wmv etc) im still forced to use MediaPlayer 10 but it eats up a lot of resources ....
For quicktime i use Quicktime 6,5 i did't try the 7 version but as of lately all new versions of a program turned out more crappy then the previouse, Norton Systemworks 2006 , Netlimiter 2 and a lot more
New = More useless fetures u can do without = more memory / cpu needed.
Ps. Codecs i use K-Lite codec pack u can dl it free from :
I use I-tunes, its my favorite at the moment. Before I got my ipod I used winamp. As for videos and stuff I dont really have a favorite just whatever usually works at the moment.
Mrs Lycos
I'd say I should go for divx player for videos(divx) and BSplayer for the rest. Both players have great latest versions and , in the last case, windows media player, although I always have a hard time trying to findf the right codec for each media file, and sometimes when I istall one it screws another... well, anyway, BS player is my choice.
Winamp It's nice Cool
on Windows its Winamp 5. It is as simple as a media player can be. On my ibook its iTunes. Still I miss winamp when I am on mac. On Linux platform I think its xmms. But when I change ditro, there is another player there. I don't even remember their names. But in my opinion Xine and Caffiene are better preffered on any GNU Linux distro.
i agree with the majority of the people here, itunes. It's lean and it's tight! For videos, it depends on the video format, standard WMP and QT's for their respective files. For divx and dvd, i usually usually use PowerDVD, but sometimes divx for those videos encoded their. Sometimes I'm required to whip out VLC player for those obscure codec's.
I did always use Itunes but in the end my converted music turned out to be 12GB. There was also no good way to delete a mass of items from the libary without clearing it. In the end I was using it only for radio stations but I now listen to those from the official sites.
Definatly a good peice of software but not my peice of cake really. I just use Windows Media Player now to prevent HD usage.
Winamp for mp3s
Media Player and BSPlayer for movies
Currently at the time of this post I have QuickTime 7.0.4 and iTunes 6.0.2. I love them. Very well designed players.

I also have a few other ones such as WMP (Mac) and RealPlayer, but they're of course not as good...
Most of the time I'm fiddling around with my cell so I'd have to say I use the PV Player most often.

In Windows I use
- VCD Cutter
- Quicktime (mostly for 3gp and m4v files)
- Real Media player
I dont are a Microsoft lover, but I prefer Windows Media Player 10.

It is not a culture or devotation, its is my think.

In linux the XMMS is the king. Is full compatible with hardware and Linux distribuitions. Its is hard to configure in many distribuitions, but is the best of the best.
My Favouite Media Players is Windows Media Player.
Recent Vesion of Windows Media Players comes with Number of Skins and Zooing of screen options are also good in windows Media Player.
I also use Winamp,RealOne Players.
I use XMMS or amaroK... I am about to beign development on my own media player. Just for fun, because nothing beats amaroK. Ive used everything and amaroK is the most complete. If u have ethernet, it automatically grabs the album cover, the pdf format of the album booklet, the lyrics, and other albums by the same artist. I love it. nothing in windows comes close.
cnssc wrote:
What media player do you use to play your music / videos?

I use iTunes for my music.

For audio - Definitely Amarok : It has it all: collections (both static and dynamic), playlists, scriptable interface, loads of useful plugins, podcasts tracking and downloading etc. And, most importantly: it has a pretty comfortable interface. It is FREE (as in freedom) and works on Linux.

For video... well I think kaffeine, but I really don't see video that much in order to make a solid opinion
I use windows media player 10 and sometimes winamp
i use winamp and windows media player. mplayer for playing dvds.
I use quite a number of music players for my media. For my music, I use Winamp, but I don't use it as a video player. It doesn't seem to like my computer very much whenever I play anything other than music on it. Other than that, for video I use BSPlayer, ZoomPlayer, Realplayer, Quicktime, InterWinDVD, and Media Player Classic. Although that's quite a lot of players, it works for me. Very Happy
I use VLC player and BSPlayer a lot but some times I just start up WMP... Its set up as the default player in XP and I just haven't got around to changing it. Smile
I use Windows Media Player almost everyday, for videos and music, as well as internet radio. I also use Sonic Stage sometimes to listen to music I get from the Connect online music store.
I use itunes alot it has all my music dorted by genre and such play counts favorites etc.
it never gives me bullcrap errors saying this and that codec can't be played
i use windows media player 10 cause its easy to use...

cyberlink power dvd for watching movies

quicktime for .mov files...

real player... Cool
I use VLC and Quick Time player.
Real player is used b me to listen to songs
I 'm using winamp for almost 10 years now for playing audio and I'm wondering if I would like foobar more, any suggestion's? For video I use BSplayer ( - Wink

But I really can't stand windows media player or iTunes couse there are so many banners and the buttons look's like they are made for 10 yeard old children, they both just sux in my oppinion.
I use Winamp (music/video), Quicktime (quicktime-videos), VLC (videos that don't work in Winamp) and sometimes Windows Media Player.
Music: Mostly iTunes, which is superior in organizing your collection. But it bugs me that it doesn't support ogg vorbis.

Video: Mostly VLC, my player of choice
Quicktime, e.g. for Apple HD movie trailers
Windows Media Player, if i have to...
It's all about Media Player Classic + K-lite Codec pack with real player and quicktime alternative! That and VLC player.
Winamp. It's got some nice DSP plug-ins.
Windows Media Player, it has a few DSPs, but not as nice as those of Winamp.
VLC and Windows Media Player Classic for videos.
ATI's Hometheatre thingy.
VLC, WMP, and BSplayer for windows. VLC, WMP, Quicktime for mac.
I was using Winamp for Music, but then upgraded to WMP10 so using that for WMA Lossless.

Using 'The Core Media Player' for Video.

Only plugin i'm using is DivX.
VLC for video and iTunes for music.
iTunes is the best Media Player by far. If you got an iPod like me your stuck to it anyway. Its so easy to understand and edit the information of the songs and create playlists and so on. One of the most usefull things is that if you add a song to iTunes, it adds it to the iTunes liberary folder and its all sorted nicely. No more folders filled with songs and you cant find the one you need. Anyone who is still using Windows Media Player or something like that, download iTunes! Its so much better.
Even though Quick Time is a fairly decent media player and the Real Player can play countless formats plus there's iTunes put no videos can be viewed here. So, what do you think?

The best media player on this earth is.....WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER
I use Winamp. You can watch videos with it, and listen to music. The produced sound is better than Windows Media Player in my opinion, at least for my genre of music.
amaroK: it's free, has good collection management, nice and convenient interface, is scriptable (lots of plugins are available for download) (, not to be confused with
I use Windows media player 10. I think it is the best media player you can find. You can watch avi, divx, mpg, dvd films... You can listen to mp3 ant etc music. This player is very beautiful and easy to use. I suggest this player for all of your. I give ten balls of ten for this player Wink
My MPC is the best, no doubt! Cool
Windows Media Player for Music
Pro DVD Player for Movies
SonicStage for organising files
windows media player 10 with its codes , playing everything
sometimes I use the VLC Player Razz
MR2005 wrote:
windows media player 10 with its codes , playing everything
sometimes I use the VLC Player Razz
Media Plaayer 10 is fine as a media player. It sometimes doesn't download codecs, so you have to root around the net to find them before it will work properly
Now I use winamp 5.21+iZotope Ozone3 Wink
Winamp for music

VLC for videos

Very Happy
What else is there? Mediaplayer is the best and the only one you need, it has everything and is the most popular.
Winamp for music. Media player classic(MPC) and VLC for video.
For playing video files i use WMP and Crystal Player
For playing audio files i use Winamp. But i may switch to iTUnes soon
WMP 10 is the best of all and I only used itunes for my Ipod might I add...Which itunes is really slow and crappy Confused
I use Winamp for both music and video. I use it simply because of the skins. Yeah, I'm a sucker for beautiful things. And I want the skin to match my current VS, so yeah, that's why I love it.
I use Winamp for most video,music files for video files like .ram i use Quicktime or Realplayer (I forget which one now)
musikCube fr music.
VLC for Movies.
Winamp for music and video just a little hard to find the codecs for strange file formats some times...
Foobar2000 for music - it's better than winamp
For movies I usually use All Player, bu also, Media player Classic, DivX player and Quick Time PLayer
hello guys

try divx to watch movies, you will find it very usefull. it can even play cds scratched severely. i find it useful as i am using it on my PC.
i use Windows Media Player 10 for nearly everything. I use Riva FLV player for youtube rips, and Real Player for real videos, etc. Very Happy
Im using RealPlayer,QuickTime,WMP for video and MatchMusic for MP3
I'm using WMP 10. I have used Winamp, MediaMonkey and iTunes, but I always saw that WMP 10 was best.

But right now I'm looking forward to WMP 11 that will come in June...
I use winamp all the time... I've writen scripts so that all my programs have control over the media play. Winamp was the simplest tool and I can just intagrate with everything. It uses almost no resources and has great suppport for my 1000 watt 5.1 system. you couldn't fathom how much a media play affects the true power of you system. This is if you are using a powerful system like mine.. Twisted Evil
Why use anything else than media player? Sure there are like 5 others out there but Idk. I guess I just grew up with media player and I stand by it
lol what
I used iTunes to play music, since its search function is really good and I can conveniently make it be part of my start menu. It is a RAM hog, though. I used media player classic for movies since it plays movies well and doesn't have any bloat.
These are the players that I use:
Windows Media Player
RealOne Player

I use Windows Media Player and Winamp all the time, and sometimes Real Player and Quicktime. I never use iTunes as I dont listen to music.
I use winamp, but that's just because Windows Media sucks after that last security update...
mine are

QuickTime (online)
Windows Media Player (sometimes)
Real Player
Power DVD
Winamp (mostly used)
I use iTunes mainly to play my songs... Only use Windows Media player to play single songs...
windows: SubEdit-Player
ubuntu: mPlayer

ps: windows media player is ugly, bad etc. why when u run wmp he always connecting to the internet and why movie player should connects to internet if i want only watch movie? if i wanted run internet i run ff Very Happy
I use Quintessential Player (QCD Player) and feel that is the best for music.....the audio quality seems so good from. It is very much similar to Winamp but is better than that in output.

Also I use X multimedia system (XMMS) in linux.
Music - iTunes
Videos - Quicktime
DVDs - Apples DVD Player
Photos - iPhoto
I just use iTunes. I like how the Music Store works and the whole thing.
i use something called BSPlayer (not the BS u i dont know what it stands dont ask...) the skins are awesome and no stupid codec dialogues from WMP when u already have the codecs...
I love windows media player. I use it like all the time Very Happy
I use Winamp coz WMP uses to much cpu, I only use WMP for video files.
Video Stuff:

Mplayer (Most Often)
Windows Media Player 10 (Sometimes)
Quicktime plugin for Firefox so all videos in my browser show up in Quicktime

Audio Stuff:


[I have real alternative installed so real files play in all players Smile ]

To control all these from within my browser, FoxyTunes extension for Firefox Very Happy
cnssc wrote:
What media player do you use to play your music / videos?

I use iTunes for my music.

I use for music Windows Media Player 10 and for movies I use WinDVD 4.
Im using windows media player 10 , realplayer, divx player.
mostly using wmp. but, for rm im using realplayer and divx player for quality movies. Very Happy
I use windows media player and not itunes because my com lags whenever I open itunes. My com is quite old already but it's enough for me...
I use windows media playe and media player classic.
I previously used Winamp (for quite a while though), but I actually forced myself to switch to using iTunes when I bought this here iPod. Yep. Never used to like it, but now I use it for everything. I kinda wish Winamp Lite played videos though, then I would use it again. Shocked
i usw WMP 11.

It is still in beta but a very good choice.
i use mac and so use quicktime, itunes and vlc i'm amazed at how incredibly sluggish windows media player is on mac especially when using streams so all time favourite easily vlc
I also use WMP 11 BETA.
He is almost ready, only the 'add image to a music 'folder' function don't work, but that's no problem Smile
I use WinAMP for music & Media Player (boo! hiss!) for videos. Works for me.
I generally use winamp for everything cept running DVD's which I iuuse VLC for. Wehn im playing games I like to use MusikCube because it takes up less system resources.
I was using Creative MediaSource at once (use it for transfering music to mp3 player), but there is a problem with Chinese/Japanese. I had to change the Regional Setting in XP control panel. which is a pain. because I have to switch back when finish transfering the music, otherwise everything else doesn't show the right text anymore (eg, Internet Explorer).

Has anyone here some good recommendations on which media player is best at this. Why there is no such a media player which does thing like Internet browser which you can select the language, just by going to View -> Encoding, then select your language. If anyone knoes one please let me know. Thanks..
My MP is winamp and WMP.
I use the following:

winamp to listen mp3 and ape
windvd for watch dvd
use xvid and divx fro watch avi file
QuickTime for mov file
kplayer for other media files

I use itune and WMP and winamp. I don't know what the best so i use all of it. 555 Laughing
My input:

on Windows - VLC or Media Player Classic (with KLite++ codec) for video and Quintessential Player fopr music (seems to sound the best)

on all other operating systems - mPlayer for video and XMMS for music
i use:-
VLC media player
Totem Media Player
Beep Media Player
RealPlayer 10
These are what I use
VLC Media Player just for watching videos with subtitles, however its sound quality sucks
Real Player 10
Windows Media Player 10
I'm using :
Winamp for audio
Media Player Classic for video

And I really don't need anything else, both are light weighted enough and support all functionalities I need.
iTunes for music.

VLC media player (VideoLAN Client) is a good choise for videos, it plays AVI and DivX files too. It plays almost anything. And it's sound is louder than real player or quick time, that's important for me because i'm using laptop.
I've tried several media players, but I always fall back to iTunes. It's so easy to use + I need to use it with my iPod anyway.

When it comes to video player, VLC crushes everything else. Couple of days ago i set up a new computer for a friend and it continued having this error, but when I installed VLC it worked at once.
Isn't that amazing?! Very Happy
it has to be creative mediasource for me.
it syncs with my creative player and organise my small 3gig music collection...
for video, its either vlc media player or cyberlink powerdvd.
i love the theater stereo effects on powerdvd.
Using a combination of Windows Media Player 11, VideoLAN, and Media Player Classic.
audio == ncmpc || foobar2000 (if windows==yes)
video == VLC
I am now using Windows Media Player 11. It is really nice. They have it for Windows XP. I don't know how many of you get the technet newsletter from Microsoft, but I got Office 2007 Beta, Vista Beta 2, and Windows Media Player 11 Beta all for free. My Vista is 100% legal. Straight from Microsoft. They sent me a product key, so I have even activated it. I like 'em all. Office is only good till next February though. Thats all the farther they'll let the beta run. Sad oh well.
I seu Windows Media Player 10 most of the time, but I have RealPlayer and Quicktime..
I use

Windows Media Player 11 Beta
Nero Showtime
Power Dvd
I Prefer Quick Time Is The Best.But For Windows Default Media Player There Are Codecs Available In Microsofts Home Page.Try Them To Download. It'll B Good Comparing All Other Players. But Nothing Is Comparable to Quick Time Player.
On windows i use the good old windows media player while on linux i use XMMS for songs and Mplayer for videos.
i use jetaudio. i obviously have WMP and Real and Quicktime... but i find for ease of use jetaudio is really good. plus WMP support for .ogg and .flac files seems rubish.
i'm using
Classic Media Player

it is light software and used to open all types of media

i like its options
zooming ,..etc

i also like bsplayer

sometimes i use windows media player

Very Happy Mad
The only one I use is Windows Media Player 10. MusicMatch Jukebox always screws up on me, Ares and Limewire in player things are too hard to use, HyPlay never works on my computer (could someone explain that to me by the way? I'd really like to use .avis).

I would use iTunes...but I don't have a Mac (or iPod) and don't see the point. Am I missing something here? Because I have yet to find a reliable media player that supports all formats, doesn't crash, and has nice features like playlists, organised music folders etc.

PS. I couple WMP with FoxyTunes.
I use Windows Media Player, the thingy on Google Desktop, Winamp, Real Player, and iTunes Smile
I use :
Winamp for Music
Bsplayer for Video
Powerdvd for DVD
K!tv for TV

seems i don't forget anything
When I'm using Windows, I use Quintessential Media Player for playing musics and Windows Media Player for playing videos/DVDs. When I'm using Linux, I use mpd + ncmpc for playing musics and MPlayer for playing videos/DVDs.
for music - definitely FOOBAR2000

the sound is simply better. clearer. nicer. the thing uses 64-bit floating point operations for sound rendition. and you hear that especially on good speakers (well, at least i hear that, although i'm not a musician nor can i call myself an audiophile - i hope it's not only kind of auto-suggestion;))

foobar is fully customizable as well, don't get scared by its robust looks - go install Columns UI (user interface) which makes the program look awesome. also, you will find that people make a lot of add-ons and plug-ins for this stuff, which you can easily download.

go to
I use Windows Media player 10 for my music. I used iTunes from time to time as it's a nice change. Other than that I don't use any others as I have no need to. Realplayer is ok, but I prefer not to use it.
I use Winamp for as much as I can, open up Itunes occasionally...and use Windows Media player for everything else that can't be opened with Winamp.
(On a Mac)
I use iTunes for music, Democracy player for Video Podcasts, VLC for other video.
VideoLan Client media player 0.8.6
Windows Media Player 11
Media Player Classic for QT and RM streams

Only a few codecs installed, I think Xvid, DivX (an old free codec, before it became paid), AC3 and OGG, and Real Alternative with QuickTime Alternative for the streams.

Very Happy
window media player
and a one have a very long name
I use foobar2000. Though its interface may be too simple, I like the low memory usage, as compared to other media players.
The media players I use are:

Winamp for Music
Windows Media Player for Video's
PowerDVD for DVD's
I use iTunes on the mac. I've never really like the iTunes implementation on the windows side, but it still beats the heck out of windows media player. I haven't tried it myself, as I'm on a mac most of the time, but the guys on the DL.TV podcast were raving about foobar2000. aparently its a really good solid media player. It supports FLAC and a wide array of codecs and is skinable.
Currently I'm using VLC from Videolan and Windows Media Player 11. I think that I an going back to WMP 10 though, there are a few things that aren't working anymore (like connecting my mp3 player...)
AmaroK for music, and VLC media player for films. I don't think I use any others.

Edit: Here is a screenshot if anyone cares enough to want to find out how AmaroK looks.
I use:
Audio: Light Alloy, Winamp, Classic MediaPlayer
Video: Light Alloy, QuickTime, Classic Media Player, K-Lite
In my fool Windows Whatever I use VideoLAN Player for any kind of movies, but Windows Media Video files wmv.

For .wmv files I use Windows Media Player only, no more.

For all my music (mp3 files, wma files, ogg files, etc.) I use Winamp 2.60.

If i wanna play subtitled video files I use BSPlayer.

That's all folks.
WMP 10
Windows Media most of the time... although for video I use VLC. Can't beat the bare-bones-ness of it.
I use Windows Media Player 10 (i prefer 10 to 11)...
Anything alternative.

Media Player Classic, installed to work with Real Alternative and Quicktime Alternative to play .rm, .mov files etc. I'd hate to install Real Player or Quicktime and I rarely touch WMP. Besides that I guess VLC is the only one player left for almost everything else. I think that's all.
I use Foobar2000 (0.8.3) for audio - simple and economical ,for internet radio - winamp, for video - bsplayer (including DVD video) , before I was using sub-edit player but i had some compatibility problems and finally changed this app.
Music : Windows Media player or VLC if Windows Media Player Fails
Video : VLC or K-lite
i use mostly itunes...but i occasionally use media player 10...i will not be upgrading to 11 until they fix most of the security.
good day everyone....

well here are couple of media
players that are installed in my system:

1. windows media player 11
2. itunes
3. quicktime
4. realplayer
5. nero showtime

here are my definitions for the list above.

i use wmp11 because i like the interface and the user friendly environment.
wmp11 is easy to use. and comes with windows update.

i use itunes because i have an iPod. i use it to transfer music.

i use quicktime, realplayer and nero showtime because some of my files cannot be played in my other media players.
IMO, VLC Player is the most versatile media player out there. No more searching for obscure codecs, and it will attempt to play any file regardless of type. (i.e. it will play video.bmp if video.bmp is actually a .avi file)

Extremely lightweight and flexible.

Also, I use Winamp for music... I definitely stay away from WMP as it's an M$ product, and iTunes as it's a massive resource hog.
i used to be a big winamp/xmms fan - used it for all music and all video. however, recently, ive switched to foobar n vlc for music and video on windows and vlc for video on linux. i find vlc to be a very powerful, easy-to-use video player. some more of course its free/open-source..
I use the Windows Media Player all the time and also Real Player Smile
QuickTime. On a Mac, you can use many plugins so it can play almost anything. And because it's a framework, this plugins work in your browser, in your video-editing software etc. So I don't need any other Media Player.
music: winamp
movie: powerdvd & real player
video: real player & windows media player 11
audio: Jet Audio, Windows Media Player 11
video: BestPlayer, Windows Media Player 11
I hate all the bloatware media players around (this includes Windows Media Player, and also the iTunes stuff).

Here is what I frequently use:

mPlayer (with MPUI GUI)
VLC Player (from VideoLAN)
Winamp (only if I think I will be needing FoxyTunes extension on Firefox to control my music -- which is what I need to do when I set the sleep timer and alarm clock in that extension!)
Audio: XMMS, iTunes
Video: Xine, VideoLAN

In both categories, the first one when I am in linux, the second one when I am (rarely) on winXP.

My 2 cents
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