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Encrypt with C#, Decrypt with PHP


My objective is to send an encrypted string from my application to the web.

I want to encrypt the string in the application(written in C#) send it over to a php script where i want to decrypt it and add it to a database.

The problem is that i can't find a way to encrypt the string in C# and Decrypt it in php so that it returns to it's normal state.

I have never used encryptions before so i don't know much about it. I'm just looking for a method (like md5) that is supported by the 2 languages and that fills the objective or a very simple encryption script that i can use.

If anyone has any other idea that is easier or that works then it'll be great.

Thank You.
what about rot13? perhaps some other simple character permutations would work, and don't require much programming to be achieved.
as i said it's my first time using encryptions.

i forgot to mention that i'm also transfering numbers so numbers should also be encrypted.
Character permutations will only work on characters (duh, not a smart conclusion) but i'm looking for a simple encoder that works for characters and numbers also.

EDIT: found the ROT47 which also treats numbers but i'll try to convert the encryption to C# since it's in php
Thx polarBear.
Stubru Freak
The problem with that is that a premade function is known, and can be used by a hacker too. You can try and find something yourself however. For example, send a number from the server (php) to C. Then let C store the number. Then change all your alphanumerical characters as defined by the number.
a = "d";
b = "m"; // Just really random
} else if(number==2){
//Something else

Don't know C but in php you could use str_replace for that.

Then you could move every 5th letter 4 characters backwards, for example.
You could also, when str_replacing the numbers, use a different way for each character.

It's quite hard to hack something like that. Of course best thing to do would be using https. But if you can't try something like this.
yeah i used that method. it come out to be a lot easier then what i had immagined.
Get the ascii number of the character, add a random number to it then convert it back to a character, loop through the whole string and that's it.
thx for the help.
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